General Catering and Jestic provide efficiency to Creams’ first dark kitchen

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The Metro SmartLever storage system at Creams’ dark kitchen in Doncaster.

Catering equipment dealer General Catering Solutions has worked with Jestic to provide a Metro SmartLever Productivity System to Creams’ first dark kitchen.

The dessert chain’s delivery-only site in Doncaster required flexibility in a tight space, so there had to be a strong focus on workflow and processes

Nisar Hussain, operations director at AA Food Concepts, franchisee of the site, explained how the dark kitchen concept meant a new way of working for Creams both front, as well as back of house: “In comparison to a typical Creams restaurant, space is at even more of a premium in our Doncaster kitchen and we ended up having to fit the same amount equipment in half the space, which was no easy task. As such, we needed to be really organised to work efficiently and to maximise our productivity.

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“We enlisted the help of national dealer, General Catering who we have worked with previously, and as well as coming up with the design and concept for the kitchen, they also introduced us to Jestic Foodservice Solutions, who recommended we try the Metro SmartLever system.”

SmartLever’s cantilevered design provides unobstructed access to shelves which can mean 30-50% more storage capacity versus traditional four post shelving. In doing so, SmartLever should allow operators, like Creams, to configure workstations for maximum productivity, as Hussain explained: “The SmartLever system is a simple and effective storage and workstation solution consisting of a back grid, a work surface, shelves plus baskets, and a variety of storage and organisational accessories which can be put where you need to suit the height of each staff member and whatever the preparation task. The flexibility it brings is just amazing.

“Thanks to the SmartLever system we have been better able to define the areas for each menu product type – so we have a section for beverages, one for waffles and the crepes, and another for the cookie dough. With the ability to store products and packaging at different heights to suit individual stations it has made it really easy for us to prepare orders even during the busiest periods. SmartLever is an absolutely fantastic way of maximising the space in our kitchen, as we can easily move the shelves and baskets to respond to the needs of our business when new menu items come on board.”

Having a single integrated system for workstations and storage was also a big plus for Hussain: “I’ve had other fast food businesses with different storage equipment from different suppliers and it was always like Lego in as much as we were trying to make different bits fit together. However, with the Metro SmartLever system we’ve got all the pieces from one place and it helps us to bring order to the chaos.”

Jestic Foodservice Solutions’ brand manager for Metro, Laura Hariani, added: “The Metro SmartLever Productivity System is proving an ideal solution for operators like Creams who are running home delivery services in kitchens where space is at a premium. The SmartLever system is quick and easy to install and enables operators to set up individual workstations and storage areas in virtually any space. The flexible SmartLever system can be configured to suit each operations’ precise needs, and can be used in conjunction with SmartWall storage accessories and the PrepMate Multistation to optimise safe and efficient working.”

SmartLever systems are constructed from heavy gauge, epoxy coated steel and come with a 10 year limited warranty.

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