Kitchen equipment distributor GBT has completed a two-kitchen fit out at primary schools in the Calderdale area.

The Outfront Kitchens initiative was initiated by Halifax Opportunities Trust and involved installing one Halal and one non-Halal kitchen.

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GBT organised the install over 10 days, with GBT’s owner, David Conway, explaining: “We wanted to make sure that the equipment specified was the best possible quality and was going to give head chef Aaron Walker and his team the reliability they needed at the most competitive cost.”

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The dealer chose Pantheon’s PM10 mixers for the project, as all the food is prepared from scratch.

The 10litre mixer is powered by a 0.5kW motor while the all-gear driven transmission is said to ensure friction-free operation across three speed settings.

The mixer features a red, mushroom type stop button which complies fully with all UK local authorities’ safety guidelines. For additional safety, all PM10s have a fix on to the guard feeder chute.

“We have specified Pantheon on numerous occasions over the years and, because the brand epitomises what we were looking for, it was an absolute that we would include some of its kit,” said Conway.

Walker added: “I’d actually say that the mixers are my go to items of equipment. They are used all day, every day from mixing dough for our pizza bases and bread to blending lots of ‘hidden’ fresh vegetables into sauces to ensure the children are eating enough.

“We also produce a lot of low sugar desserts and, again, the mixers come into their own. A favourite at the moment is our melt-in-the-middle chocolate brownie which utilises yoghurt and very little sugar.”

Plans are also afoot for further Outfront Kitchens’ expansion in the near future.