Garden screen specialist moves indoors for restaurant models

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Screen With Envy’s new range of protective partitions can be used in restaurants.

In response to the ongoing Covid–19 crisis, garden screen and accessories brand Screen With Envy will be launching its first ever range of protective partitions.

Designed and manufactured by founder Sophie Birkert, the specialist range has been created in response to the coronavirus crisis to help businesses opening their doors post lockdown.

Available from the end of July, the partitions have been designed to create a safe dining or seating area in any restaurant, office, salon or venue, aimed at allowing both guests and staff to operate safely.

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The brand will also be offering Perspex panels to slot into its range of outdoor screens for pub gardens and outdoor venues. The company believes that the Screen With Envy range helps to provide a safe and secure environment for employees and customers without sacrificing design.

Available in four key styles, the partition can be used at any angle, designed to fit within any space and aesthetic.

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  1. I would be pleased for them as a small business, if I hadn’t already been waiting 2 months for my garden screens!

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