FRONT OF HOUSE SPECIAL: Reimagine front of house with true hot holding

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Flexeserve Zone stocked with a wide variety of hot food-to-go.

Warwick Wakefield, customer experience director of Flexeserve, the hot holding specialist, explains how patented hot air recirculation technology can allow hot food to be sold fresh all day:

As things open up, attention is rightly turning to the evolution of front of house. Businesses are considering how they can push things forward. With Flexeserve as your hot holding partner, you can transform customer-facing operations, the hot food on offer and increase profit.

Feet are back on the high street and there are opportunities for front of house to quickly advance and capitalise on the return of retail. True hot holding can provide the solution – and Flexeserve opens up its expert knowledge in the field to end users and specifiers alike.

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Flexeserve Zone is the industry-leading heated display capable of hot holding food products with a variety of temperature requirements in one unit at the same time. Flexeserve Zone is equipped with a unique, patented hot air recirculation technology which, when combined with Flexeserve Solution, is the only system capable of true hot holding.

Flexeserve Zone can revolutionise a front of house operation, allowing for hot food to be sold all day round – as fresh as the moment it was made. It does this whilst minimising energy consumption and labour. Not only that, but with its ability to hot hold such a wide variety of food, it enables an end user to easily expand their menu.

Providing a diverse and visually enticing product range throughout all day parts will lead to higher food sales and customer loyalty. With a wider food range, reduced food waste and optimised energy consumption, end users can expect to see more profit.

Flexeserve’s Warwick Wakefield said the new Flexeserve Zone can hot hold a variety of food at different temperatures simultaneously.

The range of Flexeserve Zone models is designed to meet any need – it even includes a rear feed model, perfect for smaller spaces. With Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed, servers can restock hot food from behind the counter.

True hot holding, where food is kept at temperature and ‘just cooked’ quality for unrivalled hold times, requires Flexeserve Solution. Developed by Flexeserve to help end users create a hot food range from the ground up, it consists of five elements – product, cook method, packaging, Flexeserve’s unique technology, and in-store service.

Flexeserve Solution is integral to achieving the results that our equipment is capable of and realising the potential of hot holding. It might not be obvious how important packaging is, for example, in achieving that increase in ROI. We can provide specifiers and end users with this all-encompassing service that no other heated display manufacturer offers.

To give some context as to why that’s so significant – in 2020, with our equipment and service, we helped a leading international retailer save millions in food waste, just from its pizza range – it’s that transformational.

Flexeserve Hub, launched just last autumn, is designed for use either front or back of house. It’s been developed for hot holding packaged food orders in large quantities, available for pickup and delivery. With more people visiting QSRs again, Flexeserve Hub is invaluable in bringing down queue times and increasing customer satisfaction – with big orders packed up and ready to go ahead of time.

If you have a project coming up that involves hot food, we recommend getting in touch – we can help you integrate true hot holding, with all the benefits it delivers.

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