FRONT OF HOUSE SPECIAL: It takes brew to Tango

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Electrolux Professional’s Tango espresso machine is available in a fully automatic version.

Stuart Flint, training and demonstration manager at Electrolux Professional, illustrates why automation is the saviour of consistent coffee making appliances:

The ability to offer high-quality, consistent, multiple drinks served promptly is important for virtually any catering operation. Electrolux Professional’s bean to cup, two and four group Tango ST and STP coffee machine has been designed to deliver on just that, offering simultaneous four pour, as well as both steam and Cappuccinatore technology with an extensive menu range to take coffee offerings to the next level.

As a result of being a fully or semi auto BTC machine, the Tango can be used by everyone, regardless of the level of skill set within in an operator’s team. There is therefore no need for time-consuming and expensive barista training, with high-quality drinks able to be made at the touch of a button. From americanos and lattes, through to cappuccinos and flat whites, all can be produced with minimal user interaction.

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This means that operators can begin the drinks-making process while attending to other tasks, such as serving cold beverages, food assembly preparation, interacting with customers or taking payment. As a result, catering services can provide the range of consistent hot beverages that customers increasingly expect, without impacting other core aspects of their business.

The standout feature of Electrolux Professional’s Tango Duo bean-to-cup coffee machine is its capacity to make four espresso or milk-based drinks simultaneously. This makes it ideal for high-demand services, particularly when you consider that a round of hot drinks can otherwise take a substantial amount of time to complete.

Customers increasingly expect a diverse hot drink offering as a minimum, across practically all types of catering operations. Where staff are not trained and there is limited time in which to do so, dealers should consider specifying Electrolux Professional’s fully or semi-automatic Tango bean-to-cup coffee machine.

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