Researchers at Zurich University studied the energy consumption in a commercial catering kitchen before and after a major refurbishment.

They found that, by switching from conventional appliances to the latest multifunctional cooking technology, the kitchen reduced energy consumption by 34% and water consumption by 53%.

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Moreover, the new kitchen appliances were apparently able to produce more food from less space.

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The staff restaurant at ABB Schweiz AG, the Swiss manufacturer of energy and automation technology, was selected for the research project.

The appliances used were Frima VarioCooking Centers and Rational combi steamers.

Measurements of energy and water consumption were taken over a period of 8 weeks which showed that production of each main meal required 0.58kWh of electricity and 2.72litres of water.

The kitchen renovation, including the installation of the Frima and Rational appliances, was undertaken in summer 2014.

Measurements of energy and water consumption were then taken again, with the results demonstrating energy consumption dropped by 34%, meaning only 0.38kWh per main meal was now required.

“The project proves that modern cooking technology can optimise the use of resources, reducing energy and water consumption significantly,” said Graham Kille, MD of Frima UK.

“What’s more, the restaurant was able to increase the range of meals it offered, thanks to the extra cooking options offered by the Frima and Rational appliances.”