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New slicer, cutter, mixer and blender launches are constantly hitting the UK catering equipment market, but what are the latest and most innovative products available? Catering Insight investigates.



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Hallde CC34 combi cutter

USPs: The Hallde CC-34 slices, dices, shreds, grates, cuts julienne and waffles vegetables, fruit, dry bread, cheese, nuts and mushrooms. It will also chop and grind meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts. In addition, it can be used for blending, as well as mixing sauces, soups and dressings. It will prepare produce at up to 2kg/minute.
Requirements fulfilled: The unit was developed with small kitchens in mind, as it is both a vegetable preparation machine and vertical cutter in one. It is designed to be small and compact and easy to put away and take out when needed.
Dealers should know: Supplied to the UK by Metcalfe Catering Equipment, the Hallde CC-34 has four speeds – 500 and 800rpm for vegetable preparation and 1,450 and 2,650rpm for the vertical cutter. The machine automatically detects which top is attached and sets the speed to be used. Hygienically designed, the CC-34 has smooth surfaces, rounded edges and no unnecessary recesses where food might get stuck. For quick cleaning, all loose parts should be simple to remove and can be washed in the dishwasher. The motor is designed to be powerful with high torque and is geared down, which should make it reliable, irrespective of the food being prepped. If the motor is called on to work harder, more power is supplied to ensure even running. When the pusher plate is folded up the machine stops for filling and when it is folded down the machine restarts and the operator can continue working. The feeder tube is suitable for preparing long and narrow items like cucumber and leek. If the feed cylinder is removed the power is cut for safety.

Robot Coupe Robot Cook

USPs: Robot Cook is claimed to be the first ever professional heating food processor and the only cooking cutter blender on the market. Said to be a concentration of technology and innovation, the Robot Cook is a solution for minimising recipe preparation time.
Requirements fulfilled: Robot Cook has been developed with chefs for chefs. It is said to be the only cooking cutter blender on the market that meets the demanding standards of this audience.
Dealers should know: The unit can be used to emulsify, grind, blend, chop, mix and knead. Designed to feature a combination of high speed and cutting quality, it can heat ingredients to a temperature of 140°C, accurate to within one degree. The Robot Cook includes a 3.7litre stainless-steel bowl, and programmable functions to create béchamel, hollandaise and béarnaise sauces, as well as butter creams, custards and crème pâtissière, choux pastry and zabaglione. The scraper arm, said to be the only one of its kind available on the market, is twinned with a lid wiper so that work in progress can be monitored. Ingredients can be added via an opening in the lid while the machine is still running. A novel device holds the blade assembly in place while the preparation is tipped out of the bowl. All the parts that come into contact with food are said to be easy to remove and dishwasher safe. Plus its powerful induction motor has been designed to be ‘ultra-quiet’ for user comfort.


Vitamix Vita-Prep 3

USPs: Supplied to the UK by Jestic, the Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 features a new, quieter motor to help to reduce noise in busy kitchens. The motor features improved thermal capabilities, claimed to provide the power and dependability required in the most demanding commercial kitchens. Designed to be high performing and durable, the unit is said to blend even the toughest whole-food ingredients and create everything from dry rubs and spice mixes through to marinades, purées, sauces, soups, stocks, desserts and drinks. Fitted with an advanced cooling fan, the blender has been engineered to offer what are said to be high levels of consistency and reliability.
Requirements fulfilled: Designed for busy, high-volume kitchens who need to prepare a variety of difficult blends, the Vita-Prep 3 is built using the latest materials and state-of-the-art technology, and features variable speed control and a range of patented, high-impact containers made from BPA-free Tritan copolyester, which should give better clarity, durability, safety and style.
Dealers should know: The manually-operated dial provides precise speed control to regulate the texture of ingredients from a coarse chop to the smoothest purée. The control offered by Vita-Prep 3 also extends to fully customisable programmes and operators can also work with one of Jestic’s blending experts to create the optimum packages for their menu. The durable 64-oz. high-impact Vita-Prep 3 container comes with a removable lid plug, meaning ingredients can easily be added during a blend. A tamper tool should allow users to blend thick and frozen mixtures without stopping the machine. The container is specially designed to prevent it from coming in contact with the blades. The Vita-Prep 3 is backed by a 3-year warranty on motor base parts and a 1-year warranty on container and blade assembly against manufacturing defects.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Quantum 950

USPs: Said to combine durability, high capacity and market-leading technology, the Hamilton Beach Commercial Quantum 950 blender adds a new dimension to the blender market, according to supplier FEM. Central to its longevity is its Endura motor technology, which uses a brushless motor system. By eliminating brushes and hence the need to replace worn down brushes, this technology means that the Quantum is claimed to last two and a half times longer and operate 50% more efficiently than its peers. Meanwhile, its stainless steel blades and all-metal drive coupling feature a lifetime warranty.
Requirements fulfilled: With a pulse option that can be set anywhere between 5% and 100% power, the Quantum is designed to cope easily even with whole ice cubes. The blender features a Wave-Action system, which uses a specially designed container to continually force mixture down to the blades for a quality end product. Hamilton Beach Commercial’s Quiet Shield sound enclosure reduces volume, claimed to make its Quantum 950 one of the world’s quietest blenders, so it should be suitable for front of house. The Quiet Shield is said to be easy to detach and clean, while as soon as the shield is lifted the motor stops.
Dealers should know: Alongside a 7 year motor warranty the Quantum 950 is designed to be simple to operate. It is controlled by an easy-to-navigate touchpad on a scrolling LED display, which has access to over 30 pre-programmed blending cycles in 10 languages. There are five programmable buttons so that the most popular blends can be prioritised. Meanwhile, a USB port makes it possible to upload custom programs.


de Buyer Access mandoline

USPs: French manufacturer deBuyer, one of Signature FSE’s portfolio brands, has recently launched the Access mandoline that is designed to meet the requirements of professional kitchens. It’s made of stainless steel for durability, uses a double-blade system to allow many cuts from julienne, crinkle, waffle cuts and standard slices. Thanks to de Buyer’s ‘Gravity accessory’, a slicing kit (tubular slider and insert) fitting on the Access mandoline, it is also possible to slice long and small vegetables.
Requirements fulfilled: The R&D team at de Buyer developed the Access to fill a gap in its product range that was in demand from its customers. The unit offers a choice of cuts with a claimed durable structure, which is important when used daily in busy professional kitchens.
Dealers should know: For busy restaurants with a menu requiring a variety of food cuts, the Access mandoline can make julienne and waffle cuts as well as plain or crinkle cuts thanks to its double-blade. Designed to be versatile, it is suitable for preventing finger cuts in the kitchen thanks to the pusher which avoids any direct contact with the blade when slicing. Access is billed as a mid-range yet versatile mandoline offering good value for money.

Pantheon MS slicer

USPs: Pantheon has redesigned its MS slicer range for 2019 in line with the latest CE directives to improve both safety and functionality. The firm believes it is amongst the first UK suppliers to address the new CE safety directives. As well as this, the on/off switch has been changed from red and green to black and white in line with the new directives, designed to protect the significant number of workers who are colour blind.
Requirements fulfilled: Operators suffering cuts and wounds from the sharp blades on slicers account for many injuries in the catering workplace. The new generation of Pantheon slicers requires the thickness adjuster to be closed and the hopper lock to be applied before the hopper can be removed. This should prevent the blade from being exposed and allow the machine to be cleaned safely. Pantheon focuses on easy to use designs which are well suited to operations where significant skills are not required. Also, the simple manual design of the MS slicers is said to not compromise on quality of build and function but enable a lower price point to be applied.
Dealers should know: Pantheon MS slicers can be used for meat, cheese and vegetables and are suitable for multiple applications. Their manual controls are designed to make them easy to use and help them avoid the maintenance and repair charges that can apply to electronically controlled machines. Build quality is claimed to be durable, while the machine’s body is fabricated from stain resistant, anodised aluminium which should be easy to clean. The blade is made from stainless steel and is kept sharp by the built-in knife sharpener.

Sammic vegetable slicers and food processors

USPs: Sammic’s launch of variable speed models equipped with brushless technology should make these items unique, as they offer claimed benefits including efficiency, as the motors are designed to maintain the torque across the range of speeds, which should also reduce energy consumption. The brushless motors also occupy less space and weigh less than conventional brushes, as well as being quieter. With Sammic veg prep machines’ exclusive ‘Force Control System’, the force exerted by the motor is displayed on the screen at all times. An acoustic warning can also be programmed to sound when the machine exceeds the force pre-set by the user.
Requirements fulfilled: Sammic wants to offer the best cutting quality with its vegetable slicers and food processors. The brushless technology should enable fine control of the cutting process, allowing end users to standardise the whole process to obtain optimal and uniform cuts. The manufacturer has also developed new discs and grids that will be offered with the new appliances. D slicing discs and dicing grids have been adjusted for quality dicing. In addition, the manufacturer has developed a range of screwless, detachable grating and shredding discs for hygiene.
Dealers should know: Sammic believes the most important feature is the efficiency of the brushless motor, as well as the standardisation that the force control system offers. All models are NSF-listed. The manufacturer also offers an exclusive grid cleaner, designed for a quick, easy and efficient grid cleaning process.


Hendi 20litre spiral mixer

USPs: The spiral mixing arm is designed to produce a gentler blending action than a planetary or horizontal mixer. It should also create a much lower friction factor which minimises the amount of heat generated by the dough rubbing against the removable bowl. As a result, the dough can be fully developed more quickly and before it reaches critical temperature.
Requirements fulfilled: Said to be strong enough for bagels and gentle enough for ciabatta and French dough, this unit is suitable for the growing bakery market. These spiral mixers are claimed to be reliable and durable, and with lower friction they should also have lower electrical resistance. In other words, spiral mixers are designed to consume less electricity than planetary mixers.
Dealers should know: This unit is claimed to be robust and high-performance. It is constructed in wipe clean cast steel with a wire bowl guard and a handle to lift the bowl into place. A stainless steel bowl, beater, whisk and dough hook are included as standard. Operation should be simple as the machine is controlled via a straightforward mechanical panel. Thanks to a worm drive and gears the unit is designed to produce good mixing capabilities. In terms of flour mixing capacity and speed the unit can mix 5kg of flour and has speeds of 197/317/462rpm. For easy movement the unit has four castors, two of which are braked.

LLK multifunctional mixer

USPs: Brought to the market in April 2019, the LLK multifunctional mixer encompasses the capabilities of a dough mixer and planetary mixer in one. The mixer is said to have a range of unique features including a tippable head that is raised using a gas piston, for easy and safe lifting. The electronic control panel with a timer and eight different mixing speeds should allow for more controllability for the user, as should having the choice of three mixer attachments to create the desired product. The stainless steel attachments included with the machine are a dough hook, flat beater, and twin whisk attachments.
Requirements fulfilled: LLK saw an opportunity to launch this multifunctional mixer with powerful motor, after time and again seeing planetary mixers being used for mixing dough, and eventually failing. The motors in planetary mixers are not powerful enough to mix large dough batches, especially low hydration dough. LLK’s multifunctional mixer is designed to handle all demands and runs on a 13A plug. Hand crafted in Italy to what is said to be the highest specification, this appliance can be used for mixing a variety of products in one machine, saving valuable kitchen space, time and investment.
Dealers should know: Further features include a rotating bowl that is scratch resistant and can be quickly unscrewed for easy cleaning, a plastic bowl guard which protects the user from moving pieces and also features a cut out to allow the user to safely put in extra ingredients during the mixing process.

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