Foster Refrigerator has responded to claims by Adande that its FlexDrawer FFC3-1 refrigerated drawers don’t meet European holding temperature standards and is less energy efficient than Adande’s VCS R2, following a comparison carried out by Refrigeration Developments & Testing.

Foster stated: “Testing carried out on the FFC3-1 model under European test standard EN16825 has proven that the product maintains consistent foodsafe temperatures.

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“It also comfortably achieves a well-positioned grade on the Ecodesign energy label scale, due for release on 1 July.”

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Introduced as an extension to the existing Foster counter range, the FFC6-2, FFC3-1, FFC4-2 and FFC2-1 were developed as a result of customer requirements for what the manufacturer says are the cabinets’ reliability, quality, robust construction, ergonomic design, ease of use and performance.

Chris Playford, market and development director for Foster Refrigerator said: “After listening to our customers, the engineering team here quickly learnt there was a need for us to offer an additional product which complemented our extensive range.

“Feedback clearly showed our customers needed a reliable, robust draw system with easily accessible space and turned to us for the solution.”

Foster says its partnership with customers has ensured the FlexDrawer range met and exceeded all development objectives, fuelling its ongoing technical and commercial success.

“Such success would not have been achieved without attaining the level of performance expected from Foster equipment,” the company stated.

Playford added: “With the introduction of Ecodesign, we invested significantly to extend our already well established in-house test facility.

“The standard has been stringently adhered to, meaning there are no concerns here about the efficiency and reliability of the range we have been, and continue to sell, into both our established and new customer base. This includes our FlexDrawer.”

The manufacturer believes its FlexDrawer has, and will continue to be, specified by a well-informed customer base, including global foodservice operators with their own advanced in-house test facilities and rigorous field test analysis processes.

“Alongside this, our leading in-house R&D laboratory has delivered a robust design, constructed to withstand the toughest of commercial kitchen environments, justifying the choice of customers of all shapes and sizes,” the manufacturer said.

“Foster confidently states that, as with all our products, we are ultimately happy to be judged by our customers on the FlexDrawer’s levels of reliability, quality and performance.”

Playford summarised: “The feedback from the market is conclusive: FlexDrawer offers the best overall choice for reliability, quality, capacity, efficiency and temperature control in real-world demanding kitchen environments.

“To underline these credentials customers are always encouraged to visit our King’s Lynn design and manufacturing facility.”