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Fireworks has reported that since the launch of the Hydramist 15AMPU kitchen fire suppression at the Building Research Establishment in February interest in the product has exceeded all expectations, culminating in an installation at the new Clink restaurant in Cardiff.

The 15AMPU is the first suppression system of its type in the world to gain LCPB LS1233 accreditation and therefore its place in the LCPB Red Book.

Working with a number of other contractors and the Ministry of Justice, the unit was donated by Fireworks to help The Clink at HMP Cardiff get off the ground, but also allowing them to keep the environment and workplace safe.

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The Clink Cymru opened to the public this week in what was the old staff mess and tomorrow it is understood that the BBC is hosting a breakfast show from the location.

Up to 96 diners at a time will enjoy meals prepared and served by up to 30 category D inmates of HMP Cardiff and HMP Prescoed, all of whom are part of an initiative that aims to help rehabilitate prisoners through front-of-house and chef training.

The produce sold in the restaurant will be bred and grown at H.M.P. Prescoed, a 440 acre farm near Cardiff where prisoners are trained in agricultural and farming skills.

The benefits of the 15AMPU over other fire suppression systems on the market now gives commercial catering managers a choice on the type of systems that they can install within their kitchens. It also gives the insurance companies advising on the risk from fire an alternative.

Derek Killaspy, managing director of Norfolk-based Fireworks says that the watermist method of fire suppression has actually been in use for many years since its ability to rapidly extinguish fires in ships engine rooms was first discovered.

“The technology is also currently used in prisons throughout the UK as Fireworks have supplied their portable fire suppression and modular hose reel units for use on wings for many years,” he said. “The technology is highly efficient as watermist rapidly extinguishes the fire, removes the smoke, saves lives and leaves only a small amount of water to clean up. Therefore, the cell can be back in use rapidly. Now this technology is being brought into the kitchen where down time is far more of a crucial issue.”

Until now commercial kitchens have used dry powder or wet chemical fire suppression systems. Whilst effective at initially suppressing and extinguishing the fire, Killaspy says that these traditional systems offer little or no cooling of the blaze therefore resulting in a prolonged suspension in production due to fire damage.

“Additionally these chemical systems leave a large amount of potentially hazardous residues on surrounding areas which must be deep cleaned before food processing and cooking can re-commence,” he comments. “This leaves an establishment without a functioning kitchen until the clean-up has been completed, which could take days. This is not a situation that can be tolerated in a prison kitchen!”

The new Hydramist 15AMPU unit contains a high pressure pump connecting the kitchen water supply to a misting nozzle positioned above the fire risk. This simple concept results in a system that can run for as long, or short, as required- yet doesn’t cause lengthy kitchen downtimes because it uses small amounts of clean water.

The 15AMPU unit is small, no bigger than a domestic wall mounted boiler, and made of stainless steel, so it is easily cleaned. It can be mounted in the kitchen or in an adjacent room and will automatically activate when the nozzle above the fire source reaches a pre-determined temperature.

The integrated pump activates at the same time it shuts off the energy source to the cooking appliance. It can also be manually operated and once activated the unit can only be stopped manually. The steam created then smothers and extinguishes the fire in less than 10 seconds.

After extinguishing the fire the mist continues to cool the oil and hot surfaces to below ignition temperature so in less than 30 seconds re-ignition of the fire isn’t possible. It will not flood the kitchen or cause damage to surrounding equipment because all the unit uses is small volume of finely atomised water.

Fireworks says that next to no clean-up is necessary as only clean water is used in the extinguishing process, allowing the kitchen to be back in operation extremely quickly.

The unit is now being fitted into commercial kitchens, fast food outlets and restaurants across the UK and offers catering managers a choice over the wet chemical alternative.

For more information on the 15AMPU contact Fireworks Fire Protection in the following ways:

Tel: 01953 458420
Website: or

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