Fire suppression gets kitchens back to work fast


Fireworks Fire Protection is reaching out to catering equipment dealers with its latest safety device.

The Hydramist 15AMPU is an LPS1223 water mist kitchen suppression unit that delivers fast and effective extinguishing of catering equipment fires, is safe for people and the environment, and dramatically reduces the spread of smoke from a fire, the company states.

The Hudramist uses atomised tap water at high pressure to extinguish fires and prevent re-ignition by cooling the fat oil and hot surfaces. This means the kitchen can return to work far faster than if a dry powder or wet chemical fire suppression system is deployed, FFP claims.

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“The Hydramist system’s very fine droplets of water turn to steam upon contact with the flames. The steam created then smothers and extinguishes the fire in under 10 seconds. After extinguishing the fire the mist continues to cool the oil and hot surfaces to below ignition temperature in less than 30 seconds preventing re-ignition of the fire. After activation next to no clean-up is necessary as only clean water is used allowing the kitchen to be back in operation extremely quickly; in most cases within minutes,” a company spokesperson explained.


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