Filta counteracts coffee clogging with new launch

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The Filta Coffee Catcher is designed to prevent discarded coffee grounds from reaching drainage systems.

Filta Environmental has launched the Coffee Catcher, which is designed to catch disregarded coffee grounds before they reach the drainage system.

The equipment is said to remove 99% of coffee grounds and debris particles to reduce blockages, odours, corrosion and costly call-out charges.

Lee Shelton, head of sales at Filta Environmental, said: “The UK drinks approximately 95m cups of coffee a day, according to the British Coffee Association, but consumers have become acutely aware of the environmental and ethical issues, resulting in demand shifting towards specialty coffees that take this into account.

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“However, there is little point in investing in sustainable coffees if you don’t also have systems in place to protect the environment – it’s not just fat, oils and grease that cause widespread problems.”

He added: “As outlets fully open up and coffee machines start spluttering back into life with gusto, it is an ideal time for operators to look at how they can adopt environmental best practice, and avoid the costly exercise of unblocking drains and fines from failing to comply with health and safety regulations.”

Suitable for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels, which have large volumes of coffee grinds passing into the drainage system, the new Filta Coffee Catcher is made in the UK from food grade 304 stainless steel, which can assist operators in minimising their carbon footprint.

The compact equipment is available to buy for £445 including carriage, including a 30-day supply of micro filters.

With dimensions of 550mm high, 265mm wide and 225mm deep, the Coffee Catcher is suitable for commercial kitchens at or near the sink.

It is designed to be low maintenance and features easy clean, manual disposal. The unit is free-standing with left or right hand operation and is supplied with legs and coupling.

The Coffee Catcher can be used as a pre-filter or stand-alone unit and includes easy access to an open front entrance with sight window.

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