Fighting FOG needn’t be a chore, insists supplier


Aqua Mundus claims that commercial kitchens should have no excuse for failing to separate solid matter and properly treat water given the effectiveness of current FOG management equipment on the market.

The Worcestershire-based supplier insists that its array of adaptable grease traps and separators, biological drain treatment systems and food sediment traps provide a more than capable solution for any kitchen looking to deal with fats, oil and grease.

Additionally, all its products fully conform to British Building Regulations Part H, Section 2.21, according to Kriss Ombler, technical sales manager at Aqua Mundus.

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“Whilst it may only seem like a bit of grease or oil, it’s vital that all commercial and catering kitchens take wastewater management seriously and implement proven solutions, such as the ones we’re offering,” he says.

“If left, every kitchen will suffer from drainage issues that fats, oils and grease cause. However, the problems can be avoided before they manifest by investing in proper drainage and treatment of waste water. The outlay required is miniscule compared with the cost of having a sewerage company come on-site to fix or replace blocked piping.”

Aqua Mundus claims each of its products are tested to the hilt against an extensive list of different FOG properties, so that customers can rest assured their waste management system is both rugged and long-lasting.

“[Our] experience allows us to ensure that every client fitted with a solution that can withstand the rigorous use of commercial settings; which some clients are operating 24 hours a day,” adds Ombler.

Popular product choices in the company’s portfolio include the Big Dipper automatic grease removal unit and the Grease Guzzler patented automatic drain treatment system.

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