FEM sources new hand sanitiser stations

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The double pump variant of Prince Castle’s hand sanitiser station.

FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) is now stocking two variants of hand sanitising stations from Prince Castle: a single pump dispenser and a version incorporating a twin pump and paper towel dispenser.

These sanitising solutions can be used in multiple locations within a business without needing access to a power supply, which could offer a cost-effective way to achieve cleanliness.

Both variants are said to be lightweight for ease of positioning by staff, durable and easy to clean. They also feature a lockable door and storage space for sanitiser containers, to speed up replenishment.

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Each model dispenses directly out of 5-litre sanitiser bottles, and has the storage capacity for an additional four 5-litre bottles meaning less time refilling and less hassle.

An industrial pelican pump and hose allow for the sanitiser to be extracted directly out of the containers. The single pump version has a drip tray located at the top of the station for waste product, while the twin pump version has a removable door fitted with both a drip tray and bin to enable easy cleaning and disposal of used towels.

The single pump station measures 325mm wide by 250mm deep by 900mm high. It comes with an A3-sized point of sale holder to promote cleanliness, giving the station a total height of 1,320mm. Both models are for internal use only.

The twin pump station measures 425mm deep by 325mm wide by 900mm high. It also has an A3-sized point of sale holder to promote cleanliness, giving the station a total height of 1,330mm.

Operators are advised to use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that contains at least 70% alcohol.

The Hand Sanitiser Station with Single Pump is available at the list price of £480, and the Twin Pump and Paper Towel Dispenser has a list price of £540.

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