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FEA’s CFSP training course will be held twice in 2022.

It’s been a crazy couple of years and sadly career personal development (CPD) has suffered. Initially that was because the pandemic put a halt to all face to face training. Many practitioners, including FEA, moved online, but the resources and methodologies took time to develop. Subsequently, as the hospitality industry and its supply chain came out of lockdown, staff shortages combined with a rapid increase in business have meant employers and employees feel they are simply are too busy to make time for training and education.

But that’s an error. Training, education and CPD are vital for the wellbeing not only of the individual but the company, too. Look at any research and it’ll confirm that training employees is a good investment that enriches the organisation. It’ll tell employees that undertaking training is time well spent and will improve their prospects. At a time when burnout is a real threat to overworked staff, training can be the reset that they need – and it’ll boost their skill set.

FEA’s Certified Food Service Professional (CFSP) programme is designed to raise professionalism through the hospitality industry by giving an in-depth knowledge of how commercial kitchens function, from the delivery area to service. Aimed at both foodservice operators and the supply chain, it covers topics as diverse as utilities, cooking equipment and front of house design.

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The programme is internationally recognised and well over 600 UK foodservice professionals from all sides of the industry are now CFSP graduates. One of them is Janet Caveney of RH Hall. “My main expertise is in cooking equipment,” she said. “CFSP broadened my knowledge to include warewashers, ventilation, kitchen design and so on. It really helps when I talk to customers making decisions about equipment. It was very worthwhile.”

The CFSP programme is accredited by Highfield Qualifications and the University of West London and certified by the CPD Certification Service.

Our industry is suffering from a skills shortage and the need to recruit more staff. What’s needed is a way to encourage people to enter the industry and, once here, to quickly pick up the basics and build a career. That’s why FEA launched the Principles of Food Service (PFS) training initiative. It aims to give newcomers the basic knowledge they need to understand the industry, to help them start making a positive contribution.

Ross Emery CFSP is MD of Aggora. He said: “I have been rolling out the Principles of Food Service training with our staff as I believe the course gives an excellent introductory overview into key elements of the industry. Their appreciation of these concepts and products helps us give our clients a better level of service, across all aspects of our operation.”

Next on FEA’s training developments is a new scheme designed to give a comprehensive understanding of light equipment and tableware. The Light Equipment and Tableware Professional (LETP) programme is aimed at LET suppliers and manufacturers as well as foodservice operators – the people who manufacture, import, distribute, sell, market or use light equipment and tableware. LETP builds on the established CFSP programme, and looks specifically at the history, development and future of the hospitality industry’s LET products.

To find out about CFSP visit or contact FEA.

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