The recently launched F1 convection oven is to feature at next month’s Restaurant Show, supplier Ascentia has confirmed.

The oven won an award for its use of innovative technologies in the “Innovation Challenge” at the Commercial Kitchen Show in June and is now entered into the “Great New Ideas” competition at The Restaurant Show 2016, which Ascentia hopes will add to its list of accolades.

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The F1 oven has now been supplied into a variety of different hospitality environments, according to Ascentia. It said the oven can be supplied with different power options including a 3kw 13amp version, requires no extraction and has a small footprint.

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Ascentia claims that the oven’s success and speed of cooking is achieved without the use of microwave technology but by its patented top heat impingement system combined with a bottom heat static element beneath a refractory stone base.

As well as being capable of producing an authentic fresh dough stone baked pizza in as little as 90 seconds, the oven can also be used to cook a wide selection of other products from patisserie to roasted meats.

The Restaurant Show 2016 will take place at the Olympia National Exhibition Hall from October 3-5.