EXCLUSIVE: Nayati switches servicing to Certa

Nayati equipment will now be serviced by Certa Group.

The UK branch of catering equipment manufacturer Nayati has moved its servicing provision over to the Certa Group after signing a partnership agreement last month.

Previously the brand was served by sister firm Nationwide Catering Engineers, both being owned by parent company, Hull-headquarted Minstergate Group. Group chief executive Mark Campey took over the servicing firm in August 2015, when it was called Broughco, and then renamed it as Nationwide in April 2016.

He detailed: “I backed Steve Brough in 2013 when he set up Broughco. It wasn’t really going in a direction I was happy with, so I took it over with a view of re-evaluating where we were.

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“I reviewed it again this year and it just wasn’t in keeping with our core manufacturing business so I took the decision to disband it.”

Due to natural wastage, there were only six engineers employed by Nationwide before the firm shut up shop, and two of those found jobs elsewhere. The other four were then re-employed within Nayati’s subcontracted engineer network, so no redundancies were necessary.

“We also passed a few of the contracts Nationwide had onto our subcontractor base, so the same engineers are working on some of those contracts, which worked out well,” said Campey.

The new servicing partnership with the Certa Group will cover Nayati equipment across the whole of the UK. “We’ve effectively outsourced what we had with Nationwide,” Campey explained. “Plus our equipment is supported by our incumbent dealers.”

He also further reaffirmed Nayati’s commitment to the UK market, revealing that the manufacturer will soon be looking to take on more salespeople to cover a national remit.

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Clare Nicholls

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  1. Nationwide was hardly phased out!!!!
    Yet another one ine of the main shareholders companies that as been liquidated with big losses.
    Moving one from another without regard for anyone else.
    Nayati as now had four name changes as far as I am aware. Opening a new Nayati days before closing the existing one!!!
    I dont think in my opinion that you should be promoting this, but should rather be highlighting the behaviour of shareholders and Directors

  2. I can only echo Nigel’s comments only one other exe employee has been offered a position with another group company
    Nationwide is in the hands of a insolvency company and the current directors have absolved themselves of any responsibilities towards the workforce
    This is a disgraceful situation and as an ex employee of Broughco and Nationwide am appalled at the treatment handed out to the workforce
    Their unswerving dedication and efforts over the last four years have been met with apathy and a lack of moral conscience and they have been cast aside without due diligence on redundancy procedures

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