EXCLUSIVE: Catering Insight’s Power Players 2019 reveals top 10 kitchen design houses by turnover

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Catering Insight has launched a new annual special report: Power Players 2019, in association with Middleby UK.

We ran a feature in a similar vein within our February 2018 issue, and it proved to be so popular that boosting it into an annual supplement was an obvious next step.

Each year, this publication will rank the top 10 kitchen design houses by turnover, profiling the key elements that are driving each company’s successes, as well as analysing their business performance over the last few years.

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We have interviewed the top executives of each company to gain this exclusive insight, and also asked them to give their advice for the next generation of dealers aiming to break into the catering equipment market.

To be included in the top 10, each kitchen design house’s financial figures have to be publicly available from Companies House, in order to give a fair and comparable metric. This means that many distributors owned by large conglomerates are unable to be featured, as their results are not individually accessible, which is why you won’t see big names such as Lockhart Catering Equipment or Bidfood Catering Equipment within the ranking (though Lockhart gave a sneak peek at its fortunes, recording £23.0m in profit for the year ending 31 December 2018). Therefore, most of the distributors you will see on the following pages are privateer firms.

Furthermore, many distributors choose not to publish their full results, which they are at liberty to do under the ‘small company’ exemption clause. So this list is purely based on the numbers that are publicly available – there may be kitchen design houses which rake in more than the companies we have included, but as we have no concrete proof as to the totals, we had to focus on those in the public sphere.

A few companies within our top 10 have not yet declared their 2018 totals, which we endeavoured to judge the rankings by. Therefore on the proviso that results should not change much from year to year, we have included some on the strength of their 2017 financial performance. Plus it is impossible to have a 100% accurate comparison, as various companies’ financial years finish at different times, so we just have to take an approximated snapshot as best as we can.

An additional caveat is that we have only focused on those distributors which count design and build project work as one of their keystones. There are many other dealer types out there, including those concentrating only on equipment sales. So for online-driven dealers we have included a separate analysis, following the main top 10 in this publication, as well as a further section for catering equipment servicing companies – those solely maintaining and repairing appliances.

I hope you will agree that this all provides a fascinating look at the health of the UK catering equipment supply chain, with a unique flavour generated in bringing all of these insights together. So, find out below who has made the cut this year.

Power Players 2019: number 10
Power Players 2019: number 9
Power Players 2019: number 8
Power Players 2019: number 7
Power Players 2019: number 6
Power Players 2019: number 5
Power Players 2019: number 4
Power Players 2019: number 3
Power Players 2019: number 2
Power Players 2019: number 1
Power Players 2019: Product power
Power Players 2019: Web wonders
Power Players 2019: Engineering success

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