Ex-Waltons director keeps name alive with new dealership

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The new Waltons and Company is based in the former Waltons Catering Equipment premises in Bradford.

Patrick Dooling, former operations director at Waltons Catering Equipment, has created a new dealership after the Bradford-based distributor was forced into liquidation in March.

The new Waltons and Company is a name change for the former Waltons’ sister company, Ue Coffee Roasters North, a coffee specialist which supplied machinery, ingredients and full barista training to its customers.

Dooling detailed: “It has been a difficult period during lockdown and after being made redundant I had to look at what my future options were. I owned and ran a coffee company inside the same building as Arthur Waltons, so once that business closed it left me with the dilemma of how my own company could continue without having to relocate and find new premises.

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“Having been in the industry for over 25 years I didn’t want to walk away as I love the hospitality industry and my customers who have been working with me for years. So I decided to set up a new catering equipment distributor.”

He further revealed: “My coffee business will continue but I have renamed it to be more relevant to the market I am working in, hence the new name Waltons and Company.

“It’s a new company name, new approach and new team.

“We are based in the old Arthur Walton building on the M606 motorway, and I am currently working on converting the old space into a brand new trade counter and click and collect service within the 20,000ft2 space.”

Waltons and Company will also feature a live working coffee showroom/barista training area along with a new Epos demonstration area.

Dooling explained that the dealer will focus on serving the Yorkshire community with consumables, food packaging, coffee and tea, chemicals, kitchen and tabletop products and larger catering equipment.

“I have also partnered with a number of key companies where we can now offer bar and cocktail drinks and menu consulting, kitchen design, equipment maintenance and also repair.

“We are currently holding stocks of Covid-related products to assist our customers in re-opening. Food packaging for takeaways, masks, sanitiser gel, EN certified anti-viral sprays, aprons and visors.”

The firm is also just about to release bespoke dividing screens to allow more customers into restaurants and is looking into offering a contact free bespoke restaurant app where customers can order and pay on their phone from their table and have the food delivered.

Dooling commented: “We are thinking ahead and trying to make it as safe and easy as possible for our customers to get used to the new normal.”

Dooling’s wife Gemma is a director of Waltons and Company, and is working full time on marketing, social media and setting up an e-commerce website for the business, which is scheduled to go live in July.

The firm’s Facebook page states: “The name Waltons has been well-known within the catering equipment industry for over 99 years, especially around Yorkshire. When deciding on a new name to move the business forward with we wanted to honour this history and keep a sense of familiarity, whilst also signifying the beginning of a new era. Waltons and Company was perfect.

“We’ve combined our services and products to bring an end to end solution all under one roof which we believe will enhance our customer experience and enable us to provide the very best support our customers deserve.”

Dooling affirmed the cornerstones of the business’s strategy going forwards: “Over the coming months we will be launching our new live operational estate kitchen based in our building, which will be open to the public, as we showcase our beverage solution along with food cooked on our own designed and fitted kitchen. This will be dual purpose and be able to be booked for customers to come and cook and test the equipment before they buy.”

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Clare Nicholls

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  1. All the best for the future Patrick and Gemma
    from all of us at Jestic Foodservice Equipment

  2. So they take suppliers for £850k and reopen . I give it a few months before the waltons are back in the business just different names as directors.

    I just hope suppliers stand strong and refuse to do business with them I know that we have but others probably will do which just means other people do this again and again and again just like Crosby is dead and just like these guys are doing.

    I’ve been led to believe that Patrick is the brother-in-law of the Walton’s anyway so it’s the same people,

    It’s a massive con

  3. what you have been told is correct ‘out of pocket’- he IS their brother in law ( and his wifey is his ‘new business partner’) AND listen to this – ‘the waltons’ are indeed involved already! apparently they always intended to be from the day they bumped the company, HOW?

    Paddy crocodile tears!

    how do they sleep at night – disgusting, hopefully the saying what goes around comes around rings true with these dodgy unscrupulous beings!

  4. What a bunch of thieves I thought they were a honest family business, yes they were really slow at paying but I thought they were honourable!

    All they’ve done is con us all out of 800k then have the cheek to say they were restarting, when we all know it’s the same company with different directors with one of the old directors working there.

    I know we won’t be giving them a account and I hope everyone avoids like the plague!!

  5. People should really check their facts before slagging others off!

    The business hasn’t just restarted out of thin air! The Walton’s brothers never planned for any of this to happen; in fact they are absolutely devastated that the business (3 generations down the line and with 99 years under its belt) has ended in the way that it has. They are the nicest people you could ever meet, and would do anything for anyone.

    The directors all tried their best to keep the business going, even right to the end they didn’t want to give up. Knowing that they were letting down 30 of the most loyal, long serving members of staff, as well as all their suppliers and customers….no one ever *wants* to be in that situation.

    But when in business, sometimes you just have to admit defeat. Even if you don’t really want to. It’s happened to many other businesses in the industry before now, and will continue to happen again and again. Sometimes it is unavoidable. Sometimes things are just out of our control! Consider how you would feel, react etc if it was your own business that this happened to. Because one day the shoe could well be on the other foot.

    I personally know that the directors fought to the end to save the business. Yes the business owed £850k to its suppliers, but it was also owed pretty much the same back from its customers too. This, along with several other factors forced the owners into making a very, very tough decision.

    The business was advertised for sale in the hopes that someone would be able to give it a new lease of life and keep trading. It was always a solid name within the industry. But the company liquidated. There were other interested parties who bid to buy the goodwill and name, but it was Patrick’s offer that the administrators accepted and it was HIS OWN company that bought it. A company that yes, he runs with his wife! There is nothing wrong with that.

    I’m really happy that Patrick was able to buy the business. It was purely a business investment, he saw an opportunity and took it. He worked there for over 25 years, is extremely passionate about the industry and has a lot of customers who would happily follow him anywhere! He is an asset to the industry and the fact that many suppliers are already willing to work with Patrick and the new company just goes to show they can see the benefit of change and the potential in how the business will be driven going forward.

    For the record, yes Patrick is related to one of the Walton’s brothers. So what?

    I encourage you all to speak to Patrick first hand, find out the full facts and then make your mind up.

  6. I always had great service from Waltons they had friendly knowledgeable staff who always did their best. It was sad what happened there. Its tough for us all in this industry at the moment, hopefully they will come back stronger.

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