Euro Catering unveils Giorik compact combi

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Giorik’s Movair countertop combi oven is now available from Euro Catering.

Euro Catering has brought the new Giorik Movair countertop combi oven to the UK market.

The Movair is designed to combine innovative performance, automatic wash system, easy-to-use controls and a compact size for small kitchen spaces.

Suitable for pubs, nursing homes, convenience stores and other retail catering environments, this five x 2/3 GN offers a three-speed automatic reversing fan, 7” programmable touchscreen controls and up to 200 pre-set and customisable recipes with, nine phases of cooking in each recipe. Giorik’s OneTouch technology provides easy access to a ‘favourites’ folder, with capacity for nine core recipes.

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At less than 700mm3, it is said to provide a solution to the increasing challenge of space constraints without compromising on performance.

Features include delta T cooking with an optional core probe, multi-level timed cooking, as well as a choice of left-hand or right-hand hinges for kitchen flexibility. The oven also comes with an inbuilt automatic liquid wash system, including a choice of three wash cycles.

A 13A, 2.7kW electric model, the Movair five x 2/3 GN countertop combi oven (MTW523WR/EU) also comes with a 3-year main control board warranty.

LED lighting is provided for clear illumination and energy saving, while USB port enables software updates and menu programming.

The unit measures 637mm wide x 692mm deep x 657mm high and is available with a range of optional extras including stand with tray slides, core cooking probe, four bird chicken rack and stacking kit.

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