Euro Catering plants Palux pressure steamer in UK market

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The Palux pressure steamer is now available in the UK through Euro Catering.

Euro Catering is helping chefs respond to the increase in plant-based dietary preferences in the UK, by introducing the new Palux Pressure Steamer.

The unit is designed to deliver full-flavoured vegetables retaining colour, vitamins and minerals to an ‘a la carte’ standard.

The supplier claims that the pressure steamer can be up to 70% faster than a typical combi oven’s cooking times, with up to 560 portions of vegetables, of 150g in weight, able to be cooked in an hour.

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The Palux appliance can blanch, poach, pasteurise and regenerate dishes, steam and cook sous vide. Delta T cooking is embraced, with a fitted core probe, and low-temperature cooking is another option. Using a timed cooking option, food can be cooked overnight, programming the equipment up to 24 hours ahead.

This pressure steamer takes three 1/1GN, 65mm-deep trays, and has 200 pre-set recipes for individual customisation, each allowing for eight different recipe phases and accessed via a touchscreen. By using a ‘favourites folder’ a chef can also select their most popular choices with one touch.

Furthermore, automatic quantity adjustment (AQA) sees cooking time automatically adjusted to suit the weight of product loaded.

Whilst operated in Eco mode, power consumption can be reduced by up to 50%. A heat-recovery system is also designed to reduce energy consumption by pre-heating water coming into the steamer.

The unit has a double-walled heavy-duty door and secure lock. An integrated water softener with automatic alert, included as standard, should increase the pressure steamer’s lifespan.

The equipment can be mounted table-top, used on a stand, or incorporated into a stack system with combi oven or blast chiller.

Euro Catering’s Tim Charlton said: “Plant-based diets cannot be ignored and this product suits the needs of vegan restaurants, or those offering vegan choices, beautifully. The ethics behind veganism partly relate to environmental concern, so the Palux Pressure Steamer’s benefits, in terms of reduced food waste and lower energy consumption, make it the perfect choice for those wanting to tick many ‘principle’ boxes.

“It also addresses the general desire for healthier eating and can help chefs create Michelin-star-type, sous vide-style dishes. Given that sous vide cooking is expected to grow commercially by 6% by 2022, this is another advantage of this flexible piece of kit.”

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