Essex dealer finds itself insolvent

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World of Catering operated from a premises in Buckhurst Hill.

Buckhurst Hill-based dealer World of Catering has called in the liquidators.

A notice on the London Gazette website detailed that at a recent creditors meeting it was decided: “That the company cannot, by reason of its liabilities, continue its business, and that it is advisable that the company be wound up voluntarily.”

Insolvency specialist Stewart Bennett of Buckhurst Hill-based S T Bennett & Co has been appointed as liquidator for the voluntary winding up.

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World of Catering was established in 2003 by director Trevor Braman, who has engineering experience.

Catering Insight requested comment from S T Bennett & Co and also was unable to reach Braman.

The Essex dealer sold items including barware, beverage, chef’s utensils, chargrills, fryers, oven ranges, food preparation equipment, glassware, thermometers, refrigeration, utensils and shelving.

Its product portfolio included brands such as Blue Seal, Lincat, Rational, Pitco, DC Products, Middleby Marshall, Henny Penny, Sharp and Zanolli.

As well as an online presence, the company had a showroom in Buckhurst Hill.

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  1. Trevor & if Leona was still there were very likeable people. As with most businesses, lack of margin with the internet products, testing times and perhaps high landlord rents have all played their part in the failure of this family business.
    I wish Trevor and the team all the very best for the future

  2. Jon,

    Its because you have the likes of Catering Appliance Superstore, CS Catering, Nextday Catering etc all destroying margins. They are letting traditional dealers do all of the selling only to take the sale away from them by offering products at a ridiculous margin!!!!

    Manufacturers need to pull their finger out and realise that getting rid of internet dealers wont hurt their sales. Those sales will simply move elsewhere (to traditional distributors whom actually want to make a margin).

    The whole industry has just become a race to the bottom. Who ever can afford to make the lowest margin wins, except their Service and Aftercare tends to be absolutely shocking. Its the manufactures that are to blame for getting the industry into this sorry state. By giving everybody and their uncle an account, only to be trading out of a spare bedroom (FridgeSmart & Chetton Hill for example) they might as well be employing a salesman who sells direct to end users.

    Everybody needs to come up with a responsible discount structure that looks after the people who actually do the selling, rather than just advertising on google shopping. An extra 5% for having a Showroom. An extra 5% for holding stock. An extra 5% for shipping the stuff yourself etc. etc. Sales wont be hurt, they’ll simply go to other more honest distributors.

    Manufacturers / Importers. Protect the Industry. Start dealing with honest businesses. You’re all the first to complain when someone goes into administration and you don’t get paid. Shut down all these one and two man bands and deal with actual companies.

  3. Firstly WOC has had a late reputation for many years and since their involvement with Genfrost WOC has taken a back burner.

    With regards to “in the industry” your right manufacturers and importers need to look at their discount structures but I fear it’s a little late now not only has the horse bolted but the stables have been replaced with a vast array or fulfilment warehouses and new staff departments with titles like “Algorithm Desk & SEO Desk” the world moves on that’s a fact and to an extent you have to move with the times. There is however often a COMPLETE lack or loyalty from Dealers, manufacturers and importers alike! dealers have become badge collectors selling any brand they can can, enabled by manufacturers who have opened up full blown trade accounts with anybody who asks for one (even when they know that dealer is quoting against a long standing dealer just in case the “new ” dealer swaps the product to another brand) this coupled with many manufacturers either selling directly (openly or otherwise) has created a very fragmented market at a time when the general quality of the end user and their ability to understand the difference between product in terms of both price and specification has become the norm, which has played in the arms of online dealers and traditional dealers who seem to have lost the ability to sell features and benefits whilst not adapting their business to a more leaner model

    The future is less dealers, less manufacturers (often through consolidation) lower margins, higher levels of service and more demanding customers

  4. In the Industry, I’m afraid the internet is what has destroyed traditional dealer margins, and not the companies you list in the first paragraph. Online dealers have to compete just like traditional ones. Lots of industries have this same issues and rather than pick out businesses think about the advertising medium first.

    The top 3 companies you mention all hold stock and have warehouses and big overheads just like anyone else. The savvy ones who run a lean operation will survive and thrive. Those that don’t either need to evolve or change the way they operate.

  5. I think it’s quite insulting to genuine businesses, when people like yourself are questioning how legit these are. I think ‘Curious’ should do their homework/research first.

    And ‘In The Industry’ should maybe look at themselves and worry about their own business instead of criticising others.

    There are online dealers out there that don’t work out of a so called bedroom, and spend a hell of a lot of money on adwords, as well as holding stock in warehouses.

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