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As we navigate this pandemic together, many of our friends in the coffee community were forced into temporary closure and for many, that meant coffee and water equipment sitting idle. As we now turn our attention to re-opening, we’re sharing our recommendations for correct maintenance of all hospitality equipment. As the hospitality lockdown is lifted, you can ensure a seamless return for machines and operations.

We sat down with our service manager, Gareth Fitzpatrick, to cover an array of topics he has been faced with since lock-down including:

  • How to best operate your equipment safely and in a sanitary means
  • How to execute daily cleaning and sanitation of your equipment
  • How businesses are adapting during Covid-19
  • How to turn your systems back on after an extended period of closure

How to best operate your equipment safely and in a sanitary means?

It is best to err on the side of caution, especially if you are using your systems during the pandemic for take-away or delivery services. Also, in the months following the lock-down lift, we predict that most businesses will keep social distancing other safety/hygiene measures in place. Here are a few hygiene-conscious changes you may want to keep in place:

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    • Only one person per machine
    • Clean machines more frequently
      • Anastasia Chovan, our US National Account Manager, recommends using a combination of disinfectant and Urnex Café Wipz to safely give your equipment a quick wipe throughout a busy working day. You can purchase these wipes on the US & UK.
    • Keep wearing protective gloves
    • Continue with contactless payments
    • Deep clean premises more often
    • Disinfectant wipes for Keep Cups
    • Invest in hands-free adapters for your water boilers or coffee urns

Our Hands-Free tap adapters are an excellent way to eliminate a key touchpoint in your business, and mean that you don’t need to invest in new equipment to meet new hygiene needs.

Made from re easy-to-clean, hygienic stainless steel and attaches simply onto the tap, secured in place by a wing nut. Users simply need to push the adapter with the back of the cup or vessel. The specially-designed curved adapter reduces the risk of contact between the cup lip and the tap.

The adapters are compatible with all Marco Tap boilers and Marco Jet Urns. They do not need an Engineer or install, or any machine down-time.

How to execute daily cleaning and sanitation of equipment

During and after this lockdown, businesses should disinfect all surfaces. After a deep clean, owners will attend to their equipment. Each machine requires a slightly different approach. We will run through the Marco Ecoboiler  T10 and Jet 6 Single brewer.  The Simonelli Group have also provided handy steps for Espresso machine maintenance, click here to view these simple steps. Below we list simple daily measures to achieve a cleanly environment:

    • Ensuring frequent cleaning of all equipment
    • Ensure hand sanitizer available at the door for employees/customers
    • Only accept clean Keep Cups
    • Draw up a clear cleaning rota (changing it up makes it less monotonous for all)

How businesses are adapting during Covid-19

In this challenging time, it is heart-warming to see so many businesses come together and support each other in the hospitality community. Since Covid-19 arrived on the world’s doorstep, many did not know how to approach such unprecedented times. However, naturally businesses adapted to the circumstances and put a plan in place prior to full lockdown. In the interest of customer protection many will continue with these measures upon the reopening of businesses. This pandemic encouraged creative business alternatives in order to avoid the spread of the virus such as:

    • Shifting to digital and online orders, offering home delivery
    • Practice of social distancing in queues, away from each other and equipment
    • Installing full plastic barriers at the counter- protecting workers, customers and equipment

How to turn systems back on after an extended period of closure

We all look forward to when normal life and business can resume. In order to ensure that your business can get back to regular operations after it re-opens, you should follow these steps to ensure your systems are operating to their best standards.

Step One: Flush the System

Global Service Manager Gareth Fitzpatrick says, “Marco boilers and brewers that have been switched off for an extended period of time, must be flushed with water to clear out any impurities or stagnated water that may have collected in the system.”Many Marco brewers/ boilers have been fitted to an inline water filtration system. The filter will have stagnated water and debris which may contain harmful contaminants/ bacteria. Whilst flushing out the system, it may be a good opportunity to review the filters age and replace, alternatively to reuse we suggest you contact the manufacturer of the filtration kit and follow the specific guidelines for said filtration kit.

Step Two: Turn the Water Supply Back On

When you feel your business is back up and running as normal, Gareth reminds us to turn the water supply for the boiler/brewer back on. The switch should be located under the cabinet.

Marco Ecoboiler range:

Caution: Hot water – exercise extreme caution, if you are not comfortable, contact a service agent.

  • Before Powering back on the machine for use we recommend emptying the tank contents (if not already done).
  • To empty the tank contents on a tap variant of the Ecoboiler range simply place over a sink or locate a bucket under the spout and drain the boiler.
  • For a push button variant, you will have to turn the boiler on and allow to heat. When the boiler reaches temperature the Ready status light will turn solid green and you can now dispense the contents into a sink or bucket.
  • Once emptied allow to refill and heat, approx. 15-25 mins depending on size. Perform one more drain of the tank contents via the dispense tap or button as described above. Boiler is now ready for use.

Marco Jet range:

  • Turn on the Jet brewer and allow to heat.
  • Set any of the volumes to 5 litres on the brew MENU. (Do not exceed this dosage)
  • Ensure the brew basket is empty of coffee grinds and filter paper.
  • Place the URN under the brew basket.
  • When the screen reads “Ready”, select the 5-litre brew and dispense into the empty URN.
  • When complete the screen will resume to “Ready”
  • You can now discard this water down the sink and perform two more tank empty’s following the guidelines above.

Finally, please do not hesitate to visit the Marco Beverage Systems website to access Service manuals and other useful resources for each model variant.

Perhaps we are looking at a new, safe and hygienic future in the hospitality industry. Good luck in your equipment maintenance, we hope you found this article useful to your business during this pandemic. Stay safe and stay positive.

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