With operators demanding more robust equipment and being more conscious about increasing their business’ sustainability, this has pushed microwave manufacturers and suppliers to offer longer warranties and after care service, as well as dealers factoring in these aspects when specifying equipment.

For instance, wholesaler R H Hall offers varying warranties on the Sharp range of commercial microwave ovens it provides.

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This can be anything from 1 year for the medium duty R21AT up to 3 years as standard on the extra heavy duty models in the range, the R22AT, R23AM, R24AT and R1900M.

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However, Ray Copper, the suppliers’ service manager, detailed: “When purchased in conjunction with a Microsave Cavity Protection System [from Regale brand Cavity Protection Systems], this 3 years becomes a ‘lifetime’ 5 year warranty for the cavity itself.”

All warranties that R H Hall offers include parts and on site labour as standard, while warranty extensions and maintenance agreements are also available on request, via the company’s service department.

In addition to this, the Sharp range is backed up by readily available spare parts, which can be provided for next day delivery via the firm’s spares team.

According to Copper: “Having been microwave experts for almost 40 years and exclusive distributor for the Sharp range for more than 20 years, we have a huge amount of knowledge, experience and confidence in this commercial range.

“Sturdy manufacture results in an established reputation for quality, durability and reliability.”