Electrolux proposes new product roadshow for dealers

Equipped with a 13 amp 3-pin plug the benefits of SpeeDelight can now be accessed by all types of foodservice operators without the need to upgrade their crop
The new SpeeDelight PEP is available with a 13A three-pin plug.

Electrolux Professional is coinciding the launch of its updated SpeeDelight PEP quick cooking unit with a roadshow offer to dealers.

The manufacturer is allowing distributors to request a demonstration visit for the latest appliance to see it in action first-hand.

The SpeeDelight PEP comes complete with a 13A three-pin plug, to support all types of bars, pubs, kiosks and cafés, as well as fast food chains.

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The new development is said to have the performance as the original model without the need for a dedicated commercial power outlet. Electrolux believes this means distributors will now be able to offer SpeeDelight to a greater range of customers from all types of foodservice outlets.

SpeeDelight was first introduced to the market in 2017 as the next generation of Electrolux Professional’s HSG (High Speed Grill). It is said to combine ‘breakthrough’ cooking technology with ‘intuitive’ cooking and safety features, and is designed to deliver a variety of grab-and-go dishes at a claimed three times faster than traditional sandwich presses.

The unit’s contact plates combine infrared and microwave technology to cook food in under a minute, whilst the upper plate is designed to settle on food with the right amount of pressure – opening automatically when ready.

There are only a couple of small technical differences between SpeeDelight PEP and the original model. Despite the 13A version having lower wattage, Electrolux says its tests indicate there is no significant difference in their overall performance and outcome of taste.

Stuart Flint, training and demonstration manager at Electrolux Professional UK, commented: “Following a succession of awards since its launch, SpeeDelight has enjoyed resounding success, helping foodservice operators around the world to deliver delicious food in a matter of seconds.

“We wanted to increase the flexibility of this award-winning technology to even more businesses, therefore it only felt right to develop a simpler solution to help all types of foodservice providers take advantage of its unrivalled benefits in speed, efficiency and most importantly taste that SpeeDelight offers.

“With SpeeDelight PEP, our valued distributor network will now be able to support a whole range of customers across a variety of catering outlets. The latest model will provide a new potential for these foodservice providers and will help them meet the needs of busy lifestyles, by allowing them to prepare perfectly cooked and visually appealing food faster than ever before.”

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