Electrolux Professional enlists Loopcycle as product traceability platform

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Electrolux Professional appliances will now be tracked throughout their lives by the Loopcycle platform.

Electrolux Professional has partnered with product traceability platform Loopcycle, in an effort to extend products’ lifecycle and improve circularity within the supply chain.

The platform allows users to register individual products from across the manufacturer’s commercial foodservice, beverage and laundry portfolios, and assign a unique Cyclecode to each. This enables dealers and end users to access a full mechanical history of the appliance, allowing them to more easily identify best practice and when to undertake servicing.

Darren Lockley, head of region UK and Ireland at Electrolux Professional, said: “One of the key business challenges we have faced was maintaining visibility of products beyond the initial point of sale or when it leaves the care of one of our authorised sales or service partners. Supporting our customers long after this point has always been a priority for us, which is where Loopcycle can really add value.

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“Loopcycle facilitates the tracking of appliances even if they’re sold on by the initial buyer. With a unique Cyclecode assigned to each unit, operators can ensure that they know exactly what they are purchasing when in the market for a second-hand appliance. This will also allow us to help end users with any servicing or repairs, even if they did not make the primary purchase.”

By tracking products throughout their lifecycle, Electrolux Professional and Loopcycle hope to reduce waste in the food and beverage industry by increasing product recovery and remanufacture at end-of-life. The service also allows manufacturers to retroactively register the details of existing products if the operator details are known, meaning existing customers can organise the servicing, recovery or resale of their appliance through the Loopcycle platform.

Lugano Kapembwa, CEO and co-founder of Loopcycle, said: “Reconnecting the end user with the manufacturer can have a wide variety of benefits for both parties. For the operator, they can become more informed on the mechanical health and history of their appliance, allowing them to schedule maintenance when necessary and maximise its lifespan.

“Crucially, this facilitates a significant increase in end-of-life recovery rates, allowing businesses to save money by recycling old equipment while reducing their carbon footprint.”

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