I’m warning you, dear reader, before you go any further in reading this column, I am about to get on my soapbox and discuss an issue close to my heart.

I am not usually so personal in my opinion pieces, but I feel this is something that needs to be said.

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If we go back to this time last year, Catering Insight published the first of our annual Power List supplements, which profile 50 leading representatives in the catering equipment distributor community.

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Subsequently, I received a few comments saying that there weren’t many women included in the list.

Doing the maths, this feedback was entirely correct – there were only 10 women out of 50 people in the list.

Fast forward to this year and the 2016 Power List, and pretty much the same thing has happened again.

Out of the 50, there are just 11 women this year. Plus in both issues there have been no women in either the ‘Business Leaders’ or ‘Industry Innovators’ categories.

We have tried to include as many women as we could in both issues of the Power List so far, but the sad fact is, the final numbers are reflective of the nominations we received from you, the catering equipment industry.