These past couple of months have been a little unusual for the Catering Insight team.

While we have been offering a job advertisement service on our website and daily e-newsletter for a number of years, this usually only represents a small trickle of requests every so often.

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However, since around the end of March, the enquiries have completely spiked.

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There were actually even more enquiries than eventual job ads, but there were still greater amounts than usual – so much so, that we even ran a special newsletter to highlight the vacancies.

If this rate carries on then we will make this a regular occurrence – do please drop us a line if this is something you would be interested in.

Requests and ads were coming in from across the board too – not just from one type of company, sector or job role.

Distributors, suppliers and manufacturers have been variously looking for sales and account managers, business development managers, project managers, estimators and CAD designers.

All of this points to there being an especially buoyant recruitment market in the catering equipment sector, and by implication, a positive and growing market overall, which can only be a good thing.