There’s something in the air in the catering equipment industry. Clearly people feel that the beginning of the year is the time to start new projects, as not only is it our February issue cover star Tim Fisher’s 25th anniversary of working for Garners Food Service Equipment, that edition is the 50th issue of Catering Insight.

Check out the February print and digital editions to read about how Fisher worked his way up through Garners’ ranks to his MD position, and the changes he has seen, both in the company and in the industry itself.

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The very fact that Catering Insight has reached the milestone of a 50th edition is something I feed needs celebrating too.

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From humble beginnings in January 2012, when the market wasn’t sure what to make of a magazine which solely focused on the catering equipment supply chain, to just over 4 years later, it has in that time become a major voice for distributors.

Breaking the stories that are important to you, the 4,000 print and 7,000 newsletter readers, as well as offering the latest issue and market analysis, Catering Insight’s reputation and standing has greatly grown since it began.

Plus with the addition of the Power List supplement, which profiles 50 top distributor personalities each year, and the annual Catering Insight Awards, the brand is going from strength to strength.

The anniversaries don’t stop there either. I have now been at the helm of Catering Insight for a year, and what a year it’s been.

When I spent my first day in the job straightaway meeting senior industry executives at The Hospitality Show in Birmingham, little did I know that by the end of the year I would be co-presenting an awards ceremony to all of these fine folk!

While I can’t deny that it’s been hectic, I’ve very much enjoyed getting to know so many lovely people who have taken the time to speak to me and give me the lowdown on this dynamic, and indeed, booming sector. I have learned so much so far and long may that continue.

In the wider industry, Rational is also celebrating a milestone this year, as 2016 marks its silver anniversary of operating in the UK. Furthermore, the combi oven manufacturer simultaneously announced that it has frozen its prices for the seventh year running.

A host of other manufacturers and suppliers joined in with the annual pricing announcements, with Electrolux holding its prices too, while both Cater-Bake and FEM have held or even reduced costs on some lines.

However, dealers are questioning why more prices haven’t fallen, given the recent drop in commodity tariffs. Head to the February digital and print editions to discover what some prominent distributor representatives feel about the topic.

Considering this seems to be anniversary time, maybe they should form a new steering group to discuss the issue. Then it too could have its anniversary this time next year.