EcoPure Waters has launched the EcoPuro compact water filtration unit, aimed at the hotel, luxury B&B, restaurant, café and bar markets.

The new unit produces pure chilled drinking water, still and sparkling, at the touch of a button.

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It features EcoPure Waters’ purification process which is said to deliver clear and pure drinking water.

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The counter-top system is claimed to have a running cost of less than £20 per week, including a care and maintenance package.

EcoPure is also enabling operators to serve the water in glass bottles matching the venue’s branding.

The new counter-top EcoPuro is smaller than EcoPure Waters’ high-volume ‘System’, making it suitable for lower volumes, for where space is limited or for use as additional stand-alone drinking water stations.

The EcoPuro is also available as a free-standing system.