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Which grills are currently heating up the market?

We take a look at the latest grill and salamander launches, divided into usage categories, as product development continues apace within this key cooking equipment sector.

Medium duty

Locher Steak Grill Rustica
Recently, Valentine sister company Cuisinequip has had success selling German manufacturer Locher’s Steak Grill Rustica, which is an electric chargrill suitable for all styles of grilling and sealing. Including both medium and heavy duty options, Rustica dimensions range from 400-700mm and can be used as tabletop or free-standing models.
The most popular is the lava stone model. It has dual elements with the lava stones acting as a way of dissipating the fat dripping down from the branding plates, above which should make for a cleaner environment as well as adding flavour back into the product from the rising smoke. The branding plates are cast iron so should retain heat for longer periods and give authentic grill markings on the food. Power is controlled by a precise temperature control knob and the surface can achieve up to 300°C.

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Said to be one of the most compact electric chargrills in its class, it can be lifted with ease to operate in any working area.

Sirman PDVC Ceramic Panini Grill
FEM’s Sirman PDVC ceramic panini grill is designed to allow caterers to cook a number of different items. It is compact and claimed to use 35% less energy than a conventional model. The infrared elements, controlled by a thermostat, are said to bring the cooking surface of the PDVC to its maximum temperature in significantly less time than traditional grills. The elements are claimed to keep the temperature of the grill surround at around 10% lower than the grill itself, reducing energy consumption further and creating a safer, more user-friendly working environment. Constructed of stainless steel with a Ceran ceramic glass cooking surface, the grill is said to be durable and easy to clean.

Giorik ST30 and ST40 salamander grills
Imported by Euro Catering, the Giorik ST30 and the Giorik ST40 salamander grills are designed to offer a rapid heat-up time and also a hold/warming mode that will keep food at temperature. There is also the on-demand feature of automatic plate recognition/detection, which allows the operator to save on energy consumption, as the unit will only operate when it knows a plate has been loaded and will automatically switch off when the plate is removed. Waste heat can also be reduced by using the flexible three heating-element arrangement, which allows individual elements to be switched off, if not required.

The end user can be in total control of this unit, either by using the Giorik salamander grill in manual mode, or switching it to automatic. The unit can also perform holding and warming functions, as it should be easy to adjust the heat intensity delivered. In hold setting, elements work intermittently, so a cooked dish can maintain its temperature, with food being kept at between 40°C and 70°C.

Pantheon AS600 Rise & Fall Salamander Grill
Pantheon’s all stainless steel, AS600 Rise & Fall Salamander Grill is designed to allow chefs flexibility across both height of the heat source and temperature. The cooking height is adjustable between 50mm and 180mm while temperatures of between 50°C and 300°C can be selected. The salamander is said to respond fast and so can be turned down or even off when not required during service. It has two cooking zones for versatility and energy efficiency. The AS600 has a total heating zone measuring 590 x 320mm (but the dual zones allow only half of that to be selected) and is gastronorm compatible. Controlled manually, it is designed to be simple to use and easy to clean as the drip tray and grille can be readily removed for washing. The AS600 can be bench or wall sited wherever it’s needed. It’s rated at 4kW so requires single phase hard wiring.

Heavy duty

Synergy Grill Technology Trilogy range
This year, Synergy Grill Technology launched its third generation, the Trilogy range. Designed to combining high power with low energy consumption, the Trilogy range should enable operators to prepare food faster at less than half the energy cost. It offers three variable heat controls – low, medium and high. The low setting is suitable for cooking foods that have a high fat content, the medium setting gives the operator a more general heat, whilst the high setting allows for additional searing where required. As well as this, Synergy Grill’s proprietary electronic ignition probe uses gas shut off technology which detect ions in the flame. If no flame is detected, it will automatically cut off the gas supply, said to give further savings whilst producing less pollutants into the atmosphere.

Unlike conventional chargrills, Synergy Grill Technology atomises fat, thereby eradicating the necessity for a fat tray, and thus the need to dispose of fat waste altogether.

Falcon Dominator Plus E3925 electric chargrill
Falcon’s Dominator Plus electric chargrills feature two powerful elements that are said to reach operational temperature far quicker than gas. Food is cooked directly on the elements, delivering the classic chargrill branding. The E3925 chargrill has two elements, with independent controls so that in quiet periods only one needs to operate, saving energy. The chargrills have magnetic side screens that prevent spatter on adjacent equipment, and a removable drip tray that doesn’t need water. Falcon product development chef Shaune Hall commented: “Its robust construction delivers the rugged construction, high performance and good looks that have made Falcon’s Dominator Plus popular with chefs across the UK. It’s important also for purchasers to bear in mind that heavy duty equipment is built to last, so it is likely to still be in use long after a particular trend has been and gone. Whilst aesthetics is a key consideration in many customers’ purchasing decisions, they also need to take into account performance and reliability.”

Blue Seal electric rapid heat up rise and fall grills QSET60/QSE60
Blue Seal supplies electric rapid heat up rise and fall grills QSET60 and QSE60, which are used mainly in conjunction with Island suites for flash heating and cheese melting etc. or for accelerated cooking in cafés and small restaurants. These units can be used when there is no room under a gas canopy for a traditional gas salamander due to other equipment prioritising the menu requirement, but a fast performance salamander is needed for a specific minimal purpose. These are said to be highly fuel- and time-efficient, as well as being compact at 600mm wide. QSET60 and QSE60 are designed to be rapid heat units and versatile, lending themselves to ‘au gratin’ cooking as well as keeping food warm. They can be positioned conveniently on the end of an island run or on a wall bracket above a work top. All Blue Seal grills and salamanders can be wall mounted or bench mounted for ease of application.

Mareno Star 90 electric salamander range
Within the Mareno Star 90 electric salamander range, the SDSM6E model measures 600mm x 540mm x 500mm, while the wider SDSM7E model is 750mm x 540mm x 500mm, holding GN1/1 and 4/3 containers on a cooking surface of stainless-steel grills. The elements are housed within a ceramic, reflective dish, protected by a glass diffuser that increases heat transmission. The heating elements can be either fully or partially activated.

Supplied by Grande Cuisine to the UK, the units should heat up rapidly, reaching 230°C in the space of a few seconds, which means that they should not have to be left on constantly, or for extended periods of time. They also feature a holding temperature mode with a range of 40°C to 70°C. The moveable heating element is height adjustable between 115mm and 220mm and the tray has a built-in plate presence sensor. The control panel allows the user to set the unit to either cooking or holding mode and adjust both time and temperature which are shown on the digital display.

MagiKitch’n gas griddles
Middleby UK-supplied MagiKitch’n has introduced an internal redesign on its gas griddles to make serviceability easier. This includes drop down front control panels, front-mounted gas pressure test ports and slide-out temperature control assemblies. While these elements may be invisible to the end user, they should help technicians get the units up and running as quickly as possible. The griddles are designed with heat and its recovery, reliability, durability, ergonomics and grease management in mind, as well as being available with a number of options. The units should make workspaces as productive as possible.

Charvet Rise and Fall Infrared Salamander
The Charvet Rise and Fall Infrared Salamander is designed to deliver huge power but with energy conservation. Sturdily constructed, it boasts 3kW power and can achieve 400°C in 9 seconds or 570°C after 15 minutes’ use. It also features energy-saving features such as plate detection systems (which turn up the heat from ‘standby’ to full power when a plate is put under the grill) and two independent cooking areas, so one can be switched off during slack periods. Plate detection is said to save approximately 30% energy compared to a conventional grill, given average restaurant usage with peaks and troughs in demand through the day. Charvet can also supply its Rise and Fall Infrared Salamander with coloured panels to match the décor or restaurant branding.

Taylor L810 triple platen clamshell grill
The Taylor UK L810 triple platen clamshell grill features three independently controlled cooking zones for cooking multiple dishes on the same appliance. According to the programme, the upper platens will close automatically and precisely to their pre-set gap at the touch of a button. The Taylor L810 features a user-friendly touch-screen, which has been paired with programmable, intuitive software allowing 78 menu items per cooking zone. Operators can change and update menu programmes quickly and simply, via the external USB port. Menu changes can be sent electronically to different sites, ensuring consistency.

The side-to-side release feature protects the upper platen cooking surface and is designed to make cleaning easy. The floor standing appliance measures 1,524mm high by 1,024mm wide and 986mm deep. It’s powered by two 32A three phase sockets.

Salvis Salamander Vitesse
Available through Exclusive Ranges, the Salvis Salamander Vitesse is designed to be versatile and quick to use. Its four-sided accessibility should enable increased efficiency and improve usability. Said to be constructed from quality material to ensure durability, the unit’s large radii and foldable plate rest should make cleaning quick and simple. The salamander is designed to be suited for the front cooking area as well as in any designer or show kitchens.

Its timer function should allows chefs to achieve consistent results and the automatic plate detection technology is claimed to ensure efficiency and enable chefs to save energy in between use. The Salvis Salamander Vitesse can also be remodelled into a wall, table or, mounted to the ceiling.

Buffalo Quartz salamander grill
The Nisbets-supplied Buffalo Quartz salamander grill can be used for toasting, browning or hot holding food. The grill is designed to heat up quickly and grill food evenly. The built-in waste collection tray and removable upper and lower splash guards are designed to make cleaning the grill fast and easy. These salamanders also take up minimal counter space and can be moved around or stored as necessary for full flexibility. The open design means dishes can be loaded very quickly, plus the overhead heat has the advantage of allowing foods to be grilled without the risk of flare-ups caused by fat dripping onto elements or burners.

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