Die-Pat sheds light on LED additions

Die-Pat Divisions’ new LED lights are available in two versions.

Catering equipment component specialist Die-Pat Divisions has added two new LED light units to its L82 range. Available in lengths of 3ft and 4ft, the units are rated to 75°C and come complete with a 3 year warranty.

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The L821030/LED and L821040/LED are designed to have a high light output creating a brighter, safer work environment and with a 50,000 hour lamp life they can reduce maintenance costs.

For areas of higher temperature, such as over a chargrill, the LED lights suite with Die-Pat’s existing fluorescent lights to allow for a combination to be fitted where required. 

Louise Anderson, head of marketing at Die-Pat, said: “We have been waiting patiently to launch our L82 LED light whilst extensive testing has been completed to ensure we can confidently offer a product that can withstand the demanding needs of a commercial kitchen.

“The L82 LED matches our current fluorescent L82 in terms of look, quality and finish and is the same robust unit that people in the marketplace know and trust.”




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