Demand for UK-manufactured equipment on the rise in face of coronavirus, says Synergy chief


The coronavirus has thrown a spanner in the works of most industries, with companies reporting a downturn in business or announcing delays to their usual proceedings.

And Synergy Grill chief Justin Cadbury is among those who thinks that buying British is the way forward for operators, even if UK manufacturers are not immune from feeling the pressure of the coronavirus.

Cadbury has warned buyers to give as much advance notice of their purchases as possible, meaning a smoother transaction for manufacturer, dealer and customer.

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He noted that demand for UK products has grown in the last year, while in the face of the coronavirus this demand will only increase.

Furthermore he predicted that while prices will remain stable in the short-term, the medium-term may be a different story.

Cadbury said: “Whilst there is no reason that prices for UK-manufactured products should increase in the short term, fluctuations in the run up to Brexit at the end of the year, may have an effect.

“By placing orders now, operators can protect themselves from price increases, even when delivery is not required for much later in the year. Key is making sure the restaurant opens on time and runs smoothly.”

He added: “Whilst products manufactured in Britain are less likely to be affected by the potential shortages that may affect those companies who import from China and the Far East, it is important that operators plan purchases of any cooking equipment in good time.

“This will give British manufacturers sufficient time to handle any increased production demands.

“For Synergy customers, the grill is at the very heart of the operation and is therefore the most important single item within the commercial kitchen.

“It determines the quality of the food, the energy efficiency and even the customer’s attitude towards environmental responsibility.

“Therefore, the planning of which grill to use should not be left until the last minute, but should be at the forefront of the operators’ mind. All of this will help British manufacturers, such as Synergy, prepare for further surges in demand.”

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  1. In our opinion for British businesses to rise from ground zero they will need to purchase manufacturing equipment from Europe. The market size ( catering equipment) in GB/UK is insufficient for the huge investment. needed therefore to be competitive in the new market place after Brexit .
    We sell well designed quality built catering equipment from Germany, which already has a large market established in the world.

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