Dealers voice concerns over Uropa trade pricing issue

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Buffalo is one of Uropa Distribution's brands.

Catering equipment dealers have voiced concerns that the trade prices they get from Uropa Distribution have been undermined by an automated pricing system used by its parent company Nisbets.

As the wholesale arm of Nisbets, Uropa supplies catering equipment exclusively to dealers at trade prices, allowing them to make a margin when they resell the product in the marketplace.

But distributors have come forward to complain that the price differential reduced in recent weeks due to price-checking software they claim Nisbets has introduced.

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This meant that in some instances the price of products sold through Nisbets’ own direct channel had been automatically lowered, thereby creating “parity” with Uropa’s prices, according to one dealer.

Another, who asked not to be named, said the situation had made a lot of distributors “very angry”, but that Uropa was taking action.

Catering Insight understands that Uropa is taking steps to address the matter. “The issue is being discussed and resolved,” said an industry source familiar with the situation.

Uropa Distribution is one of the UK market’s most established catering wholesalers and offers dealers access to a range of more than 20,000 product lines.

Uropa Distribution declined to comment on the matter.

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Clare Nicholls

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  1. This has been going on for years!!
    Also the fact that if you send something direct to a customer, you can bet that it will be followed by a Nisbets’ catalogue.
    I know it has happened as it has been verified by my customer.

  2. There is little wonder that many wholesalers are going out of business due to this problem. Obviously Nisbets/Uropa are here to make a profit, not to help wholesalers build their businesses. “Uropa is taking steps to address the matter” I will take this statement with a pinch of salt as this problem has continued over many years!

  3. The margins are often so small or non-existant that its not realy worth buying through Uropa when selling against Nisbets. We have to act unprofessionally and rubbish the product and try and sell another brand of kit. But Misbets are so big they really not bothered about killing the markets in the countries they enter.

  4. Beyond me why people put up with it.

    Don’t worry there’ll br another Chetton Hill along shortly.

    Nisbets don’t care – stack it high, sell it cheap – simples. Who cares about quality?

  5. With the coverage Nisbets have, both online, offline and on the high street and their own brands now becoming household names in the Catering Industry, I’m surprised anybody is surprised by this. This is surely the inevitable result of dealers aiding Nisbets over the years both financially and with marketing and promotion.

    It might not be pleasant but you’ve got to give them credit for their approach. The dealer network has basically aided the competition for years.

  6. Why would anyone buy from and support Uropa?? You’re just making the Nisbets Business stronger.

    Anyone supporting that model doesn’t quite understand long term business…

    This is your time and chance to move out of this model.

  7. I totally agree with the majority of comments, why is it a surprise to anyone within this industry that our friends in Bristol look after their own interests first and foremost. They are a competitor and if that is not reason enough not to promote the Nisbets own branded products the fact that for the most part it is garbage should be.

  8. Uropa Gear is exactly as it says on the tin. Cheap and Nasty. Deal with specialist manufacturers instead!

    Of course it doesn’t help that the likes of Catering Appliance are shifting light equipment with their Uropa account now too! When will companies like this stop destroying the market?

  9. In the last 7 years I’ve been dealing with Uropa I’ve seen the margin decline to almost nothing. Coupled with the charge for catalogues and the Nisbet special offers of free delivery etc. I do spend my time looking elsewhere.
    I’m not complaining, theyve got the business. I live off the crumbs and creating USP’s.
    Their only focus is to move as many boxes as they can. There’s still room for the little guy. It’s just tougher.
    Hoping all my colleagues. Europa included have a Great 2019

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