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Mechline’s Hygenikx AF was voted as the Dealer’s Choice in the safety and hygiene category.

Catering Insight took a look back at the achievements of the UK catering equipment industry over the last 12 months with the Dealer’s Choice initiative.

We put a call out to senior distributor executives to find out what their favourite lockdown launches would be and nearly 300 were invited to demonstrate their ‘Dealer’s Choice’ for products in 11 categories.

In the safety and hygiene category, 44% of dealers plumped for Mechline’s Hygenikx AF.

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HyGenikx, the air and surface sanitisation system from Mechline Developments has already proved its worth in kitchens, cold stores and washrooms during the pandemic – and has been a crucial part of Covid-secure measures. The launch of the new HyGenikx AF fan-assisted models met the demand from operators and venues to provide the same protection and peace of mind for larger occupied areas like offices, care homes, waiting rooms and retail and leisure facilities.

The fan-assisted HyGenikx model utilises a combination of what are reportedly the most effective air and surface sterilisation technologies available, proven to target and kill bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, and could help reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Using the unit is designed to improve hygiene to levels impossible to achieve with traditional cleaning methods alone, which should help to reduce both the transmission of infectious diseases and staff absenteeism. In addition, HyGenikx technology also eradicates unpleasant odours by tackling them at source.

The fan-assisted model is a plug and play option that should be easy to connect to existing sockets and will quietly and safely go about its business – keeping staff and visitors protected from viruses and bacteria all day, every day, even in the hardest to reach areas.

The unit incorporates a robust tamper-resistant aluminium outer casing and can be mounted to a wall or a ceiling with four screws or alternatively placed flat on supplied rubber feet. Models are available to suit areas from 25metre² to 500metre² and greater if needed.

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