Dealer’s Choice in focus: food preparation

Hallde’s RG-250-diwash vegetable preparation machine was voted as the Dealer’s Choice in the food preparation category.

Catering Insight took a look back at the achievements of the UK catering equipment industry over the last 12 months with the Dealer’s Choice initiative.

We put a call out to senior distributor executives to find out what their favourite lockdown launches would be and nearly 300 were invited to demonstrate their ‘Dealer’s Choice’ for products in 11 categories.

In the food preparation category, 75% of dealers plumped for Hallde’s RG250-diwash.

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The new vegetable preparation machine can cut both hard and soft produce in more than 50 different ways – slicing, dicing, grating, shredding, and julienning. The efficient start/stop function enables continuous, fast feeding of produce for processing.

Despite its compact size, the unit can handle 10kg of produce a minute (up to 1,000 portions per day) via its tilted 4litre feed cylinder, which is designed to makes it easy for the operator to use. The built-in feeder tube aids the preparation of long-shaped produce such as cucumbers and leeks. The machine has a full moon-shaped large feed cylinder, while the cutting tools make precise and clean cuts.

The new Hallde RG-250-diwash parts have a patented, non-stick coating which makes them very smooth for faster food preparation and dishwasher safe. The machine is designed with even surfaces, rounded edges and without recesses thus preventing food residues from accumulating.

All removable parts of RG-250-diwash are easy to clean and dishwasher safe and are made from food-hygiene certified materials – the first machine of its type to offer this feature. Cutting tools for RG-250-diwash are all made of stainless steel, dishwasher safe and have replaceable knife blades. It is also equipped with handles that enable easy moving.

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