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Rational's iVario Pro was the Dealer's Choice in the cooking equipment category.

Catering Insight took a look back at the achievements of the UK catering equipment industry over the last 12 months with the Dealer’s Choice initiative.

We put a call out to senior distributor executives to find out what their favourite lockdown launches would be and nearly 300 were invited to demonstrate their ‘Dealer’s Choice’ for products in 11 categories.

In the cooking equipment category, 55% of dealers plumped for the Rational iVario Pro.

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Rational’s iVario Pro is designed to set new standards for the professional kitchen. Productivity, flexibility and simplicity are what characterise the new multifunctional cooking system, which works with contact heat. It incorporates advanced intelligent functions and consumes up to 40% less energy than conventional tilting pans and boiling kettles. Although connected loads have been reduced compared to the previous model, the iVario Pro also has up to 20% more searing capacity and a much improved pressure cooking option.

iVarioBoost, the iVario Pro’s intelligent energy management system, ensures precise temperature control on the pan base and regulates heat with precision. The control should prevent sticking, burning or boiling over, avoiding food waste and making traditionally challenging recipes, such as milk-based desserts and risotto, easy to cook, with no monitoring. It should also mean the pans are easy to clean, so they are quickly ready for the next batch of food. iVarioBoost is up to four times quicker than conventional appliances, with the ability to heat up to 200°C in 2.5 minutes. It delivers maximum power with extreme precision.

The cooking system’s iZoneControl allows the pan base to be divided into four individual zones, so the user can cook different foods simultaneously, on different timings and at different temperatures. Meanwhile the iVario Pro’s ergonomics are designed to set new standards in staff health and safety, with the new height-adjustable stand, auto-lift, cool pan sides and rounded corners.

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