Catering equipment dealers capable of providing customers with advice on water treatment solutions for their kitchens could be doing them a massive favour after it emerged that more than half of professional chefs don’t know enough about the subject.

Although the right water treatment is key to appliances such as combi ovens functioning effectively, the results of the study by BRITA Professional and the Craft Guild of Chefs exposes a major knowledge gap.

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59% of chefs polled deemed their knowledge of water treatment to be poor or average, while almost two-thirds (63%) of chefs don’t know that untreated water can cause a combi oven to breakdown. Furthermore, three quarters of chefs surveyed (70%) were unaware that combi oven manufacturer warranties won’t cover breakdowns caused by limescale.

The survey of 164 professional chefs also revealed that over half of chefs surveyed (59%) aren’t aware that water filters need changing regularly.

Miles Dawson, sales director of BRITA Professional, said: “These findings demonstrate that there’s a job to be done to educate the industry on water filtration – what it is, what it does, and how it needs to be looked after in order to keep equipment running smoothly.”