Dealers have been urged to keep an eye out for this winter’s tableware trends by tableware company Parsley in Time.

The firm identified nature as the big tableware trend at the moment. Marketing manager Rob Blunderfield told dealers to look out for a range of concepts, including earthy colours, rustic textures, stone-smooth lines and hand-finished products.

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Typical of the trend are the ‘pebble’ teapots from London Pottery, which are featured in the Parsley in Time portfolio. They are created by ceramic designer David Birch and draw inspiration from sea-polished pebbles he found on the beach.

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In terms of glassware, the fashion is mixed, said Blunderfield: “On the one hand thin, delicate designs that are light as a feather, though still glasswasher safe of course, are popular. On the other heavy weight tumblers with raised, etched patterns are also in demand.”

Many of the ideas from the Parsley in Time portfolio are pulled together in the company’s latest brochure, Autumn/Winter. The publication features products alongside a wide selection of presentation ideas and exclusive lines, including a range of vintage cocktail glasses from Rona.