Dealers able to shut off kit if invoices go unpaid


Retigo dealers owed money by customers are being given the power to shut off their combi ovens until payment has been made thanks to special software installed on the brand’s machines.

The device primarily aims to help dealers in situations where they are supplying products to end-users who they have limited or no trading history with.

It allows them to pre-select a date when the equipment will stop functioning unless a pin code issued to them by Retigo has been entered.

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If the payment has been made the dealer can pass the pin code to the operator in advance so that the machine isn’t deactivated.

Retigo’s UK boss, Adam Robertson, said the concept had already received a positive response from dealers that had been briefed on it.

“Dealers reported to us that this was a great feature for focusing the end-user on paying its bill,” he said. “Happily it means that the end-user generally meets the payment schedule and keeps continual use of the Retigo. As we all know, cash flow is king and we hope that this little tool will help our dealers keep things flowing their way.”

The software is available as a standard feature on all Retigo Blue Vision combi ovens, but is only activated when required by the purchasing dealer.

Robertson said Retigo was advising dealers to inform customers of their intentions first if they wish to use the tool.

“Ideally the dealer should give the end-user full clarity of the situation — ‘if you don’t pay you will lose the use of the oven from this date’. As I said before, this usually focuses the end-user and they are less likely to ‘forget’ about settling their invoice.”

Asked if dealers might want to proceed with caution given that turning off a combi oven midway through service could jeopardise the customer relationship, Robertson said it was really down to the dealer to exercise discretion.

“They should be communicating all aspects of the situation to the end-user,” he said. “We’re not out to make it a negative situation, just one where the faith the dealer has put in the end-user is not exploited.”

Robertson said that he was not aware of any other combi oven manufacturer currently offering such a feature.

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