Cyclone swings into action for ventilation launch


Filtration system supplier Cyclone Ventilation is launching the new Jeven Turboswing UV canopy range.

Cyclone Ventilaton is the UK’s co-operation partner of the Scandinavian based filtration specialist Jeven. The firm has developed what it believes to be the world’s first ozone-free, UV grease filtration system that works in conjunction with the Turboswing rotary grease filter system.

The new unit works by using UV ozone free lamps alongside the titanium oxide-coated Turboswing filter. The coating is said to act as a catalyst in the photocatalytic oxidation reaction, producing grease and odour reduction with an efficiency of up to 58% removal of micro grease particles.

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The technique also uses low power UVC lamps, 18-30W, unlike UVC ozone treatment, using 140- 170W. Furthermore, the process is believed to produce no ozone, odour or waste, as it should decompose grease and other particles into carbon dioxide and water.

Cyclone Ventilation’s MD and co-founder, Chris White commented: ‘’With the Turboswing UV, we can now offer our customers the best grease filter solution currently on the world market, which is also the greenest technology available and peace of mind that we are not putting restaurant staff at risk, with ozone producing equipment.’’

Jeven CEO, Jouni Launikainen, added: “Traditional filters such as baffle lose their filtering efficiency by reducing the airflow, as they rely on a high set velocity through the filter blades.

“Therefore, ducts become dirty and the cost savings made on energy are then used to clean the ductwork more frequently. Turboswing, however, maintains 100% efficiency when the airflow is turned down, due to its rotating internal plate.”

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