Customer care at the centre of Cater-Bake’s future plans

Cater-Baker has been a UK-based supplier since 1992.

Cater-Bake has unveiled new visions and values for the future in a bid to build on its customer service.

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Established in 1992, the company has been a leading catering equipment supplier for 25 years and is hoping the new initiative will enable it to continue on that path.

Devised by Cater-Bakes managing director Mark Hutchings, and national sales manager, Steven Lilley, the new values aim to focus in on what the firm can provide for its customers.

The five new elements centre on inspiring confidence, knowing products, building relationships, focusing on solutions and being a passionate team.

Cater-Bake began as a family business and has since thrived on maintaining its traditional values regarding customer service throughout the company’s growth and expansion, with the new initiative being centred on this commitment.  

Lilley said: “The new visions and values really summarise what we do and put across what we believe in as a business. Our focus is on our customers and the service we are providing for them, and we want our customers to know that they are purchasing products from a genuine and respected company.”

He added: “It is also important for us to be able to develop a good relationship with new customers, as we want to give them a good reason to continue buying from us.”


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  1. Barrie Webster said:

    Steve great to see cater bake continuing to put customer support at the top of its priorities.



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