Cusinequip has won the right to be the exclusive UK supplier of commercial and domestic pasta machines from Bottene of Marano Vicentino, Italy.

The manufacturer traces its roots back to 1875 and the royal patent it was granted to produce a machine for producing home-made pasta called the ‘Bigolaro’ which it still manufactures today.

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Steve Elliott, national sales manager for Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip, commented: “This is a very exciting addition to the Cuisinequip family of high quality induction and commercial kitchen equipment from a true family business in its fourth generation, which has a global reputation for manufacturing versatile and very high quality machines for making a wide range of fresh pastas.

“Bottene machines have been used chef James Martin and by Jamie’s Italian, who recognise the quality and variety of pasts they can produce from a single machine.

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“The versatility and quality comes from the build-quality, engineering skills of the Bottene family and the easy to change dies that can produce a multitude of different shapes, thicknesses and grades of fresh pasta.

“We are delighted to offer the full range of options in the Bottene portfolio, from smaller machines like the Inver, suitable for smaller commercial kitchens, to large output heavy duty models like the PM120 that are ideal for those producing a lot of fresh pasta and restaurant groups.”

The PM 120 is capable of producing a variety of fresh pastas with any type of flour, with or without eggs, and even coloured pastas: red with tomato sauce, green with spinach, brown with cocoa etc.

The single machine can produce long or short pastas for ‘pastasciutta’ and vegetable soups.

The PM120 is provided with two basins for continuous and fast operation.

The machine is manufactured from stainless steel and comes complete with an electronic cutter for short pastas, ventilator and one die.