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The Welbilt brand Convotherm is once again setting new standards in the development of advanced, future-oriented products. Introducing Convotherm maxx pro, a new generation of combi steamers. This premium class device impresses with innovations and technologies such as a 10” TFT HiRes glass touch display with scroll function, automatic cooking and triple glazing of the oven door for improved energy consumption.

The new Convotherm philosophy – IntelligentSimplicity

From the outset, the Convotherm maxx pro is well thought-out. Innovations that are suitable for daily work in professional kitchens and lead to more efficiency and productivity as well as profitability, can be found throughout the entire device. A further benefit is the ease of use of all hardware, functions and software on all levels of the Convotherm maxx pro. This approach follows the Convotherm philosophy IntelligentSimplicity. This term unites the combination of intelligence and simplicity in all areas, in other words, solving complex requirements as simply and efficiently as possible, which also positively impacts usage, service and operating costs.

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High Definition for product quality, cooking processes and efficiency

True to the motto IntelligentSimplicity, four Functional Management features developed by Convotherm, support optimal work in the Convotherm maxx pro and thus always ensure the best results:

  • Climate Management: In the Convotherm maxx pro, the unique, closed system with Natural Smart Climate, a custom-fit cooking climate can be set for each product to ensure perfect cooking and baking results. In addition, energy efficiency has been improved by up to 10 % compared to the previous product.
  • Quality Management: A multitude of innovative functions help cooking and baking professionals to always achieve the best product quality. Smart sensors, particularly well-conceived routing using AirFlow Management as well as an intelligent, customised program-controlled interplay of steam, hot air and time ensure optimum quality for every item to be cooked and baked.
  • Production Management: Perfectly matched intelligent functions ensure that operating the Convotherm maxx pro is always simple and clear, even with the most complex processes. These include Press&Go, which guarantees automatic cooking with the touch of a finger, an integrated baking and cook book that can be viewed at the touch of a button, and TrayView, which is helpful for mixed loads on a rolling basis.
  • Cleaning Management: The Convotherm maxx pro boasts optimal cleanliness. The fully automatic, multi-stage and environmentally friendly cleaning system is even approved for unattended operation. Since users never have direct contact with the cleaning agent, gloves are not required for use. What’s more, the innovative HygieniCare package provides extra hygiene in the kitchen.

The ConvoWorld: ConvoSmoke – ConvoGrill – ConvoServe – ConvoSense

The catering industry is diverse; as are the various options with which the Convotherm maxx pro is available:

  • The smart ConvoSmoke makes the Convotherm maxx pro the perfect smoking oven, suitable for all catering concepts that smoke themselves without requiring additional space in the kitchen. Both hot and cold smoking is easy with ConvoSmoke.
  • With ConvoGrill, the new Convotherm maxx pro enables you to achieve perfect grilling results every time without the need for an additional rotary grill. Simply select Press&Go, choose your chosen cooking profile for your grilled foods and the oven will produce consistent, quality results every time. Thanks to ConvoGrill’s patented grease management system which uses a sensor-controlled, intelligent pump system to separate excess grease from other cooking juices, operators can now reduce waste, be more environmentally friendly and save time on their waste management procedures.
  • The intuitive ConvoServe makes cooking stress-free. Meals can be prepared in advance and will be ready to serve just as the guests arrive. ConvoServe is particularly suitable for large quantities, buffets, plate banquets or à la carte services. The combination of sophisticated technical functions for the perfect regeneration and finishing of meals with tailor-made accessory solutions, make ConvoServe a unique solution that perfectly understands how to make demanding things simple. IntelligentSimplicity at its best.
  • The future of cooking and baking is fully automatic, and with the Convotherm maxx pro ConvoSense, it’s already here. With its artificial intelligence and cutting-edge sensor technology, the innovative ConvoSense opens up completely new perspectives in food preparation. Maximum efficiency and reliability can be achieved while at the same time being cost-effective by conserving resources.

The whole world of baking

The Convotherm maxx pro family also includes BAKE, which combines traditional baking knowledge with the modern functions of the combi steamer. Fresh baked goods, snacks and small dishes of the highest quality can be made in the Convotherm maxx pro BAKE. The Rise&Ready fermentation profiles are perfectly designed for producing baked goods, and the multi-level baking function BakePro, guarantees the best rise for small baked goods, with an optimal crumb and shine. Optimised suction panels as well as baking trays and accessories in the baker’s size of the Convotherm maxx pro meet the demanding requirements of the bakery trade.

The smart world of cooking with kitchenconnect, the cloud-based network solution

With the innovative and future-oriented networking solution from Welbilt, it is possible to keep an overview at all times with the Convotherm maxx pro and kitchenconnect. Data and information can be accessed in real time from anywhere in the world using the cloud based kitchenconnect. Processes can be analysed, evaluated or rescheduled, and asset efficiency and menu management can be controlled on the screen.

“For the development of the Convotherm maxx pro, we asked professionals all over the world what they would like from a high-end combi oven. We have incorporated the knowledge gained from this into the planning of the new generation of combi ovens and have been able to develop a high-definition device that is unique and redefines the meaning of premium. The Convotherm maxx pro contains many practical functions that follow our maxim IntelligentSimplicity. Complex challenges become simple and easy to master, as do cost-effectiveness, efficiency and, of course, hygiene. This functionality and resource-saving way of working make the Convotherm maxx pro a modern combi oven that will help make top-class cuisine fit for tomorrow”, explains Steve Hemsil, Sales Director – UK & Ireland, Welbilt.

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