Converta composter eliminates kitchen food waste


A British start up business says it can virtually eliminate food waste for hotels and restaurants.

The Converta 1500, from Converta Ltd., is a biological composter capable of reducing 1500kg of waste per week into just 150kg or less of compost, the company claims.

Through a process involving heat, oxygenation and a unique bio-stimulant, the Converta shortens the normal composting process from weeks into days, company director Colin Mills told Catering Insight.

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The speed of the process means that the system can be considerably smaller than traditional composters, which typically take weeks to complete a cycle. “Because waste is processed so fast, there is no need for the usual enormous hoppers for the waste that make systems the size of a house,” explained Mills. “Our system is small enough to fit outside the premises of a normal hotel or restaurant kitchen.”

Converta initially began marketing its system as a way of generating compost, but quickly discovered that its process was so effective that very little compost was actually created. “Kitchens are now much more interested in the savings delivered by Converta’s waste reduction potential,” explained Mills. “Sometimes you get absolutely nothing out,” he added.

Catering produces approximately 4 million tonnes of waste per annum in the UK, much of it ending up in landfill sites, which are increasingly expensive to use.

Converta is currently in the advanced stages of discussions with a UK wholesaler which will promote the system to a network of dealers. “Right now we are just selling direct, but we need to create a wider channel of dealers,” Mills revealed, without disclosing the name of the wholesaler.


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