Convotherm, part of catering equipment supplier Manitowoc, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its ‘pioneering’ compact combi steamer, the Convotherm Mini.

Launched for the first time in 2006, the Convotherm mini combi steamer was developed with a view to revolutionise the market with flexible cooking technology with a compact footprint, whilst maintaining quality.

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With dimensions of only 51.5cm and a depth of  59.9cm, the first Convotherm mini combi was designed to open up new opportunities for establishments with limited kitchen space, particularly in the food-to-go sector.

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The firm claims that just as a large gastronorm combi oven does, the Convotherm mini combi steamer provides perfect cooking results, low energy consumption and a functional design.

The steamer can roast, steam, bake and regenerate; as well as grill and cook products that would normally require frying.

The Convotherm mini combi steamers feature a new dimension to operating convenience with the easyTouch user touchscreen interface. It aims to enable any member of staff to cook hot food to a good quality whilst also reducing operator error during busy service periods.

Ralf Klein, MD at Convotherm commented: “As experts in compact cooking, Convotherm will continue to be at the forefront of pioneering, revolutionary technology.

“By working with our customers, chefs, outlets and staff alike, Convotherm can provide combi steamer cooking solutions for a vast range of requirements.

“At Convotherm, we constantly look to inspire the market and improve on ourselves as a brand, as well as developing new state of the art equipment.”