Commercial Kitchen Services’ (CKS) directors had a starring role on last night’s The One Show on BBC One.

In a report which investigated how an 18% drop in exchange rate from the Pound to the Dollar since the EU referendum had affected businesses in Blackpool, CKS was one firm asked about how it views its financial future.

Director, Diane Moden, detailed: “The uncertainty at the moment with the Pound, Euro, touch wood has not affected us at all at the moment.

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“There are discussions that it will affect prices come January or February next year.”

Dawn Cheetham, CKS’ other director added: “There are certain of the manufacturers and certain of the distributors that are really quite upbeat and I’d certainly like to put ourselves in that category.”

When asked how much Brexit had damaged the business, Moden demonstrated: “My confidence in the Pound is so much that even if we put it in a blender it’s going to come out exactly the same – all untouched, all worth exactly the same as before.”

The One Show’s Matt Baker concluded the report saying that research released yesterday showed that the weaker Pound has meant exports have shot up in the last 3 months and are expected to keep on rising.

For those who want to view Moden and Cheetham’s interview in full, BBC iPlayer has the programme online for the next 29 days here.

The Blackpool Brexit report runs first, with the main CKS interview from around 6 minutes in.