Checkit has introduced its next generation automated monitoring solution to enable the foodservice industry to transform efficiency and reduce costs.

Available as a subscription service, Checkit Automated Monitoring comprises Internet of Things-based smart sensors and a cloud-based control centre, providing a wireless solution for capturing precise temperature, humidity and door status data, with continuous readings sent to the cloud.

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By replacing manual checks, Checkit Automated Monitoring is designed to enable end users to operate safely, protect stock and comply with food safety regulations while boosting productivity and reducing costs.

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Checkit believes the system quickly pays for itself and estimates that it requires a labour saving of 2 minutes a day to recoup the cost of a sensor.

The sensors should monitor the performance of equipment, such as fridges and freezers, to provide early warning of problems, allowing pre-emptive maintenance to be carried out and to enable a smooth running and profitable business.

Data from smart sensors and handheld devices is automatically uploaded to the cloud-based Checkit Control Centre and displayed in the same, user friendly dashboard.

Alerts are automatically triggered if sensor readings move outside set parameters, which should enable corrective action to be taken.

Checkit product manager, Dr Martin Nash, commented: “Our next generation automated monitoring solution provides control over the food environment while increasing productivity as staff can be reassigned to other tasks, rather than spending countless hours manually checking and recording temperature and other readings.

“By applying advanced Internet of Things technologies to monitoring, businesses become more proactive, spotting potential issues before they develop and ensuring quality at all times.”