Charvet reports ‘surprising’ surge in range sales

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Charvet UK is reporting increased activity for new range projects, refurbishments and maintenance.

Charvet UK has recorded a “surprise surge of activity” according to sales director Ian Clow.

He said: “We have had a consistent stream of enquiries over the last few months and especially into the New Year.

“The first lockdown took us all by surprise and I think it took both distributors and caterers a while to settle down to the new working conditions.”

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Clow believes that the third lockdown has seen a determination amongst caterers to make the best out of “a bad business”, reporting: “We have been surprised and delighted at the surge of activity both for new range projects and for refurbishments and maintenance.

“It is testimony to the underlying resilience and will-power of owner-operators and chef-led chains especially that they are investing what they have plenty of at the moment – time – into preparing for eventual re-opening.”

Looking ahead, he analysed: “Post-Covid, service is expected to be high volume and even frantic as the public celebrates its freedom. Planning for re-opening involves getting that all-important service and maintenance carried out in this slack time, but customers are also enquiring about upgrades to their equipment, such as installing new induction hobs, plancha, griddles and even replacing the colour panels.”

Clow feels: “One benefit of Charvet’s heavy-duty chassis design is that the range can be re-shaped to fit the new demands and put back together as good as new, but at a much-reduced price compared to the cost of a new range.

“For the time being we will be dealing with requests remotely and carrying out maintenance and support work within government Covid guidelines.

“It would be a sensible precaution to book technical support as soon as possible. We recognise that operators have been going through a desperate time and we are here to help.”

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