The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA) is in the process of undertaking an industry-first research project that’s designed to help the catering equipment supply chain to better understand foodservice operators’ needs – and is asking for equipment manufacturers, importers, dealers, distributors and consultants to become involved.

The research is part of the Mind the Gap project, which looks at the different attitudes in different parts of the industry.

By understanding different sector’s attitudes to, for example, energy saving, the industry will be better able to meet the needs of foodservice operators.

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To take part in the simple survey – which takes about five minutes to complete – simply click on the appropriate link:

Dealers/distributors Click here
Manufacturers/importers Click here
Consultants Click here
Service organisations Click here

CESA director, Keith Warren, detailed: “The various sectors within the catering equipment supply chain are always looking for ways to improve the products and services they deliver to foodservice operators.

“The primary objectives of the study are to determine how well end-user operators perceive the value that they are getting from their suppliers; how well suppliers believe they are actually relating to end-user operators; and what suppliers can do to better their relationship with end-user operators.

“We would appreciate it very much if Catering Insight readers would take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire.

“We know you are very busy, but the information that you provide will be invaluable. The information garnered from this study will be invaluable to the whole catering industry.

“For operators, it should ensure their suppliers better understand their needs. For suppliers, it will help improve future sales and marketing strategies.”

All responses submitted will be kept in strict confidence.

“No one will know what any individuals say, there will be no sales calls and your details will not be passed to a third party,” said Warren.

“Thank you in advance for participating in this very valuable research project.”

The results of the research will be unveiled at the CESA Conference, in association with Cedabond, ENSE and the FCSI, in November.