CEDA looks back at first meeting 50 years ago

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The first CEDA Committee members (l-r): Haydn Davis, Geoffrey Alderson, Pat Beazley, Philip Mollett, Stanley Webster, Bill Wakeling, Frank Hall and Michael Swerdlow.

50 years ago today, on 11 January 1972, a meeting took place at the premises of The Gas Council on Tottenham Court Road, London, to determine that the Catering Equipment Distributors Association (CEDA) should be officially formed.

The meeting was the fruition of more than a year of conversation and exploratory meetings between a group of distributors, driven by Michael Swerdlow of the Modern Kitchen Equipment Company of Liverpool Limited.

Swerdlow had been in the US in 1970 and met with a number of American dealers and was introduced to the concept of competitors working together for the benefit of all which had formed the US Foodservice Equipment Dealers Association (FEDA).

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Upon his return, he contacted a number of competitors and outlined his vision for an equivalent UK association.

Informal meetings throughout 1971 sought to: determine the association’s purpose, outline a code of practice, categories of membership, and a list of desired inaugural members.

These were presented to a wider audience at the meeting 50 years ago today and positive discussion led to a vote that resolved that CEDA should be officially formed and the following were elected as committee members:

  • Haydn Davis of Haydn Davis Catering Equipment of Newport (Wales)
  • Geofrrey Alderson of Scobie and McIntosh of Edinburgh
  • Pat Beazley of Berry and Warmington of Liverpool
  • Philip Mollett of Molletts of Bradford – chairman
  • Stanley Webster – cecretary
  • Bill Wakeling of Staines Catering Equipment of London
  • Frank Hall of County Catering Equipment of Canterbury
  • Michael Swerdlow of Modern Kitchen Equipment of Liverpool

Present at the meeting were:

Victor Tucker Ltd – Bristol

Modern Kitchen Equipment (Liverpool) Ltd – Liverpool

Haydn Davies (Equipment) Co Ltd – Newport

County Catering Equipment Co Ltd – Canterbury

A Yeates & Sons Ltd – Croydon

Southern Cross Equipment Co – Hove

Scobie & Mcintosh Ltd – Edinburgh

Scobie & Mcintosh Ltd – Newcastle Upon Tyne

Scobie & Mcintosh Ltd – Edinburgh

Scobie & Mcintosh Ltd – Glasgow

Jeffery Higgs Ltd – Llandudno

D M Musitano Ltd – Truro

Roland Allen & Co Ltd – Luton

Burbridge Ltd – Guernsey

Burbridge (Jersey) Ltd – Jersey

John D Deas Ltd – Glasgow

Institution Supplies Ltd – Leeds

Gerard Gamble Ltd – Leicester

Wilson Watson Mcvinnie Ltd – Glasgow

G B Catering Equipment Ltd – Cardiff

Le Lievres Ltd – Jersey

Berry & Warmington Ltd – Liverpool

Catering Equipment Centre Ltd – Scarborough

Staines Kitchen Equipment Ltd – London

Autocatering Ltd – Brighton

W A Brown & Harris Ltd – Manchester

Shaws Hotel Service Ltd – Margate

Sidlock Of Salisbury – Salisbury

John Kelly & Son Ltd – Edinburgh

Benham & Sons Ltd – London

Hall & Rogers Ltd – Manchester

Peter Nisbet & Co Ltd – Bristol

CEDA’s director general Adam Mason, commented: “It’s been fascinating reading through the minutes of meetings that took place throughout 1971 and 1972. The landscape of the catering equipment industry was certainly very different then, though it is interesting to see that there are also consistent themes – cash and carry stores beginning to stock light equipment and tableware was the ‘internet’ of the 70’s.

“Catering equipment distributors from the 1970s to the present day have a lot to thank CEDA’s founders for. They put a great deal of time, effort and commitment into establishing and formalising the distribution channel and fighting for its recognition.”

The first CEDA Council meeting then took place on the 2 February 1972 in Birmingham.

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  1. So many great original well known British company names bring back memories of
    the 60’s when I started my career at Benham’s in Wigmore Street.
    Who would imagine how the Industry has changed in those fifty years.

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